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Pollen a problem for Southwest Florida


It’s the time of year when the things that make Southwest Florida beautiful can become a beast. Tree pollen levels are especially high – leading to piles of yellow pollen on cars, driveways and lanais. “There was just a yellow dusting on the hood,” said Terry Reef who was among the drivers lined up to wash the pollen from their vehicles on Thursday. If you haven’t noticed it on your vehicle, you may have noticed tree pollen in your throat, nose and eyes. “It’s an everyday battle for me. I get a lot of itching in my eyes, itching in my skin [and] a lot of skin irritation,” said Bob Taylor who suffers from allergies. Experts say the yellow pollen comes from types of pine trees found throughout the area. Less visible pollen comes from trees like live Oaks that are in blossom. “This time of year, we have molds that are year-round. We have grasses that pollinate, plus now you have the extra pollen from trees blooming at this time,” said allergy and asthma specialist Dr. Charles Klucka. Klucka says over-the-counter anti-histamines like Allegra, Claritin and nasal sprays can help treat allergy symptoms. Tree pollen levels usually come down once we get past April. But “very high” levels are anticipated this weekend.

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