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79 Thoughts You Always Have While Watching “House Hunters”


“If they ask for an open-concept man cave with a walk-in granite-lined closet, I swear…”
1. Here we go. Show me them houses.
2. hahaha they live where?
3. Wait, you can get a four-bedroom house there on a $200,000 budget?
4. Maybe I should move to North Dakota…
5. [ponders my own $1,000/month rent, begins weeping softly]
6. Why are these people together though?
7. Is it possible for an episode to end in divorce, because I swear, these two…
8. Poor realtor, trying to make the peace.
9. Yes, wish list time. TELL ME YOUR DESIRES.
10. Ugh, do they really think they’re going to get outdoor space in the city on THAT budget?
11. You want granite? Shocking.
12. You want hardwood floors? Shocking.
13. You want 14 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a tennis court, a library, and a life-size replica of the Statue of Liberty for under $1,300 a month? Shocking.

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