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The Top 10 Habits and Routines People Are Least Likely to Change


STUCK-IN-A-RUT Britons are twice as likely to have dumped their partner in the past decade than changed their tea brand.

Even if you are SURE you’re not stuck in a rut because your life is JUST SO CRAZY . . . you’re probably in more of a routine than you realize. A new survey found 74% of people have at least some habits they just can’t break.

Here are the top 10 habits and routines we’re all least likely to change . . .

1. Hairstyle.

2. Hair color.

3. What you eat for breakfast.

4. The mug you use for coffee.

5. Your bedtime.

6. The brands of food you buy.

7. The restaurant you go to when you need to grab a quick dinner.

8. When you go shopping.

9. The brand of coffee you buy.

10. The times of day you drink your coffee.

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