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The Definitive Ranking Of Free Restaurant Bread


Bread, I loaf you.

17. Logan’s Roadhouse Rolls

Logan's Roadhouse Rolls

Flickr: silvercreek78250 / Via Creative Commons

These rolls are delectable. Immersed in buttery goodness, generally warm to the touch, ready to melt in your mouth. Grab a napkin, mouths have started to water.

16. Fazoli’s Breadsticks

Fazoli's Breadsticks

Flickr: sloshay / Via Creative Commons

Is there anything better than free breadsticks? Probably not. While you might have had better breadsticks in your life, you won’t be able to stop yourself from continuously asking for a breadstick refill. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

15. Ruby Tuesday’s Biscuits

Ruby Tuesday's Biscuits

Flickr: calamity_hane / Via Creative Commons

What’s better than the Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar? Their complimentary biscuits. A warm cheddar-y explosion in your mouth. They’re so small, go ahead and eat the whole plate.

14. Longhorn Steakhouse Rolls

Longhorn Steakhouse Rolls

Flickr: 22280677@N07 / Via Creative Commons

Usually, anytime you have to slice your own bread at restaurants you’re probably like, “Really? Lame.” But at Longhorn it’s OK since that way you can slice a giant piece for yourself without feeing guilty.

13. Cracker Barrel Biscuits and Corn Muffins

Cracker Barrel Biscuits and Corn Muffins

Flickr: mulmatsherm / Via Creative Commons

Whether slathered with butter and jam or simply with gravy, both are delectable and the perfect accompaniment to your Southern breakfast. Plus, if you’re too full after your meal you can chill on one of the $199 rockers that are out front of every restaurant.

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