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Fans Are Sharing This Kanye West Video, Trending #PrayForKanye

11/22/2016 at 11:00 | Amy Cooper // Staff Writer
Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Kanye West has clearly gone off the deep end with his most recent rants.

And though nobody is necessarily surprised, Mr. West has now been hospitalized (in case you haven’t already heard).
TMZ reports that he was picked up at his trainer’s home and and was “handcuffed to a gurney during transport to the hospital … as standard protocol.”

It was initially spread that he went against his will, but his management and law enforcement convinced him to go to the hospital.

Many are saying that he’s having a psychotic meltdown, others are saying he’s suffering from exhaustion, but either way, we are reminded that mental health is no joke.

Recently on the Saint Pablo tour, Kanye took to the crowd to sing for Kid Cudi, who had checked himself into rehab for depression issues too, and many fans are now tweeting an image of Cudi hugging Yeezy on stage.

Fans are also sharing this video from Kanye West, called “I Feel Like That,” which was released within the last year, and noting that Kanye may have been trying to tell us all along that he wasn’t 100%. Time will tell, but we’re hoping Kanye gets well soon.

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