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Three Cheers For Red Solo Cup Inventor

01/03/2017 at 11:01 | Jennifer Williams // Staff Writer
Photo Credit: Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

As if 2016 hadn’t taken so much from us already, on December 21st, we lost Robert Leo Hulseman.

Though his name may not be instantaneously recognizable, his contribution to society has made key moments in our lives and parties incredibly memorable.

It was Robert Leo Hulseman who invented what has become the symbol of party people…the Red Solo Cup.


According to his memorial biography, Hulseman “was known as an innovator, a hands-on manufacturing expert, and an industry pioneer; many of the products he developed are ubiquitous today, including the Red Solo Cup and the Traveler Lid.”

Who among us hasn’t written their name on Red Solo Cup at a family picnic or party?



Many of us have been that person who has strategically placed six Red Solo Cups together to start a beer pong battle.



Most of us have fond, it not somewhat foggy memories, of sipping from a Red Solo Cup at epic parties.






Please join us as we raise a Red Solo Cup and say “Thank you and bottoms up kind sir” to Robert Leo Hulseman for giving us one of America’s great party traditions.

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