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New Coffin May be the Way of the Future

03/10/2017 at 5:31 | Sarah Harley // Freelance Writer
Photo Credit: Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A Mumbai company called Lunatic Koncepts, may have transformed the way we look at coffins. Their new invention is a hearse which is driverless. Yes, that is right – you may be dead, but you can still drive yourself to your own funeral.



Their concept uses GPS technology where the family of the deceased can pre-program the destination. It would be quite a horrifying scene to get your significant other lost! The mourning relatives will be able to control the speed as well as destination details on the product. Called The Korbiyor, the product will also have motion sensors so the hearse does not bump into anything.



On their website, the product is described to “slowly rotate and execute maneuvers in tight spots since it’s equipped with mecum wheels which move independently from one another, giving a wider range of movement. It can fit in any a space and won’t damage the floors.”

Other features added into the Lunatic Koncepts creation are a “refrigerated glass casket and multi-media fittings, such as a surround-sound music system and hologram projector which could stream images onto the floor.”



R2D2’s hologram is looking like the way of the future!

The brand is hoping to “celebrate the departed in a new way.” With a mixture of new technology and media, people will think of old wooden caskets as a way of the past.


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