Win A Baby Contest!

Have you been waiting to hear the sound of little footsteps? B1039 is ready to make that happen by giving you a baby!  Big Mama and his wife have been going to IVFMD in Naples and now they want to take a lucky couple with them on this amazing journey of in vitro fertilization. If you think you would be the best mom and number one dad then tell your story by uploading a four minute video below.

So get creative, upload a video below, and make your dream come true. Win a baby contest on b1039 is powered by and S.M.P. pharmacies.

Win a Baby Contest Dates

November 3 - 8:00am | Contest Announcement

November 3 - November 24 Enter to win – Video Upload (videos will not be displayed yet) until 11/24 at 11:59pm

November 25 - December 1 Voting Period – Videos displayed on at 6:00am on 11/25

December 4 - 8:00am | Top 10 Finalist Announcement

December 4 - December 8 Interviews on air with Dr. Connie Alford and Finalists

December 11 - 8:00am | Winner Announcement

Read the full rules right here.