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5 hours ago

Woman dies falling into vat of wine after being overcome by fumes

Wine specialist Nerea Pérez is believed to have lost her balance while watching the fermenting process


6 hours ago

So This Is What Americans Dream About

A website about dreaming analyzed the most common thing people dream about in all 50 states. Some of the best ones are: Missouri and New Hampshire dream about sex . . . Utah dreams about breasts . . . Montana dreams about murder . . . and Idaho dreams about Japanese writing? Can you believe […]


7 hours ago

Plastic Surgery Face Healing Everyday

Man was “Glassed” in the face in unprovoked assault by random drunk man. Following reconstructive plastic surgery he took a photo everyday with iPhone app “E…  


8 hours ago

Video : Notification Prank

One of the guys walked by people on the street, and made his iPhone chime like he got a text message. And he used the default sound that everyone uses unless they’ve changed the settings. So out of reflex, everyone checked THEIR iPhones for a text message.  

Mail Online

1 day ago

Good news slimmers! Eating that bar of chocolate can HELP you lose weight

New research proves that deprivation diets do no work. A survey of WeightWatchers members showed those who incorporated indulgence into their diets were most successful.

Cute Puppy Love

2 days ago

Domestic Abuse In Public!! (Social Experiment)

This social experiment is about domestic abuse. It is kind of hard to watch, but see what happens when a woman is being abused and when a man is being abused.  What do you when you see something like that on the streets. Intervene? Ignore? call 911?

Press Enterprise

2 days ago

Second-choice lottery scratcher yields $1 million

When Donna Wagoner tried to make her usual purchase of a California Lucky Life lottery ticket to win $5,000 a week for 25 years, she was disappointed to learn that her Stater Bros. supermarket was out of the scratcher. So on that Sept. 14 visit to the store, Wagoner, of Bloomington, purchased a different $10 […]


2 days ago

Anthony Schlegel Tackles Fan on Field

Schlegel used to be a linebacker who got drafted by the New York Jets in 2006.  So when I say he tackled the guy . . . I mean he TACKLED him.  

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