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4 weeks ago

Mammogram on wheels! Unique program offers free screenings

Dozens of women jumped on a bus Thursday morning to get mammograms on Fort Myers Beach via a unique mobile program.


4 weeks ago

WATCH: Drunk Man Rides Sheep Then Gets Attacked By it

A drunk guy got his dose of karma after asking someone to hold his beer so he could ride a sheep.


4 weeks ago

SkyMall Wants You To Watch The Seconds Of Your Life Tick, Tick, Ticking Away

“Is this reeeeaaaall?!” is a question that we ask each other around Consumerist HQ pretty much every day. Because if we’ve learned anything from this wide world, it’s that people are absolutely try…


4 weeks ago

The truth about metabolism

Metabolism gets plenty of blame i n our diets, and is often the scape goat when we gain weight – so here we bust 5 myths about metabolism and share some helpful tips to get it revved up

Mail Online

4 weeks ago

September is the second ‘fattest’ month of the year after December

A new study has revealed that September is the second most destructive month for weight gain and Autumn is the worst season with people gaining up to five pounds after a summer of dieting.


4 weeks ago

iPhone hoax: No, you can’t recharge it in the microwave, LAPD warns

No, the latest  iPhone software does not allow for the device to be quickly charged by heating it up in the microwave, despite some convincing, but very fake online ads.

Business Insider

4 weeks ago

3 Research-Based Tricks To Get A Raise

VIDEO: Every professional can use these three simple research-based tricks to get the raise (and salary) they deserve at work.

College Life, Hot Girls, Funny Pics, Sexy Cheerleaders: COED

4 weeks ago

40 Funniest Falling FAIL GIFs of All Time to For the First Day of Fall

It’s the first day of Fall, which is also known as Autumn, but we prefer Fall because you can’t really make fun of people autumning in GIFs. If we had a collection of Autumn Fail GIFs, it would just be a bunch of people getting flat tires while getting ready to drive around New England…

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