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4 weeks ago

EPIC CATCH!!! Dashing Thru the Snow – CN Train 406 West at Salisbury, NB (Feb 3, 2015) – YouTube

Footage of a train in Canada blasting through snow on Tuesday is making the rounds online.  There’s so much snow getting kicked up off the tracks, you can barely even see the train.  It just looks like a huge white cloud coming at you.    

Washington Post

4 weeks ago

Midwest miracle: Woman woke up hours before she was going to be taken off life support

“For whatever reason, it wasn’t her time yet,” Teri Roberts’s son said. “She just magically woke up.”


4 weeks ago

VIDEO: Skier towed by vehicle on snowy roads is pulled over by police

A person who was being towed on skis on the snowy roads of metro Detroit was captured on camera during 7 Action News at 11 on Sunday night.

ABC News

4 weeks ago

McDonald’s Selling Limited Edition Special Sauce for First Time

At long last, what McDonald’s fans have been waiting for their whole lives: 25-milileter tubes of Big Mac Special Sauce all to yourself.

Runnin' Scared

4 weeks ago

Meet the Two New Yorkers Who Are Starting a Preschool for Adults

Michelle Joni Lapidos is the girl who would not grow up. At least, not in the conventional sense of being bogged down by anxiety and an unloved job. Pretty, with red hair and an incessant desire to play, Lapidos is a part-hippie, part-four-year-old devoted to seeing adults break out of their routines and rediscover the […]


4 weeks ago

Video: Amish buggy doing donuts in Ashland County

POLK, Ohio- An unusual site was caught on video outside an Ashland County store on Sunday. Shayla Buhl was working at the Polk Market and Deli on North Main Street when she noticed an Amish buggy d…


4 weeks ago

An Old Guy Boxes a Young Guy . . . and Immediately Knocks Him Down

It only takes 12 seconds to knock him down.  Then he’s about to knock him down AGAIN when the other guy gives up.      


4 weeks ago

Davie: Toddler got his hands on gun and accidentally shot mom, police say

Davie police are investigating how a toddler got his hands on a gun and accidentally shot his mother, Capt. Dale Engle said Monday.

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