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1 month ago

A Man Calls 911 Because of His Cat…Hear the Call here

Dispatchers stayed on the phone while the family, including the baby and the family dog, locked themselves in a bedroom as the cat screeched in the background, police spokesman, Sgt. Pete Simpson said. This guy is NEVER, EVER going to live this down. On Sunday night, Lee Palmer of Portland, Oregon called 911 on his […]


1 month ago

Check Out Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Prenup Details

Although many were left to believe that Kanye didn’t want one, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s prenup details have surfaced. A source told RadarOnline that  along with being named  the beneficiary for Kanye’s $20 million life policies, Kim will also acquire $1 million for every year that she is married to the rapper. ”The entire process […]


1 month ago

9 Ways Ladies Lie on Facebook!

hen you look at someone’s Facebook profile, you should know it’s FILLED WITH LIES. Some blatant, some subtle . . . but all lies. And a new survey found the top seven ways women lie on Facebook. Check ‘em out


1 month ago

Worldwide Survey Reveals 6 Common Habits for Happy Marriage

It’s impossible to say every good marriage is successful thanks to just one thing. So we’ll boil it down to SIX things. That’s WAY more reasonable. A new study of more than 10,000 couples in 110 different countries found the SIX secrets that were true across almost EVERY happy and successful marriage . . .


1 month ago

Most Corrupt Town in America is right here in FLORIDA

The town of Hampton, Florida is in danger of being “wiped off the map” after a massive corruption investigation highlighted dozens of abuses of local and federal laws. It’s as if @Florida_Man ran an entire town. The problem started when Hampton annexed a quarter-mile stretch of highway and set up a nasty speed trap. The […]


1 month ago

The Adventure of the Carmen Call…Tuesday

Carmen is having some serious phone trouble!


1 month ago

Couple accused of letting 2-year-old smoke pot

Lucas Keith Wilson and Camilla Rose Samuels of Bozeman, Montana also admitted that they smoked marijuana and meth while she was pregnant with his second son.


1 month ago

Eight Bad Things That Happen From Sitting Down All Day

With many of us chained to a desk for hours a day before heading home to slump in front of the telly, we’re spending much of our time on our bottoms. And it’s having an impact on our health, a growing body of evidence suggests

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