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1 month ago

VIDEO: Blaze Loves His Kennel (ORIGINAL) Husky Says No to Kennel – Funny

Talking 11 month old husky, ‘Blaze’ from New Hampshire, prefers his freedom and says “No” to his kennel (with annotations)


1 month ago

Grandmas on Facebook Are Tagging Themselves Grandmaster Flash

Here’s a great social media trend: Grandmas on Facebook are accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash. Apparently Nana didn’t get the message.

Pacific Standard

1 month ago

Study: Comfort Food Is a Myth – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

What’s your favorite “comfort food”? You know you have one—a treat you use to soothe bruised feelings following some distressing event. Well, guess what: You’re kidding yourself. A new study finds comfort foods are no more effective at lifting moods than any other foods—or even sitting quietly without consuming a calorie.


1 month ago


One of her newest videos is called “Kids Back Then vs. Kids Now“, where she talks about how much worse kids are today than they were WAY back when she was a kid . . . which was, like, yesterday.The one interesting point she does make is that technology is evolving so fast, kids really ARE […]


1 month ago

A Vet Found 43 And A Half Socks Inside A Dog’s Stomach

After finding their 3-year-old male Great Dane repeatedly vomiting and retching, a family in Portland, Oregon, took their dog to a veterinarian to check on his health.


1 month ago

10 Of The Most Amusing Reactions To U2’s Free Album

Naturally, some people were upset, claiming the move was an invasion of privacy. Here’s some of the funniest tweets from last night and into this morning on the matter…


1 month ago

Nicki Minaj — Check Out Her … Butt??? (PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj took a seat during her performance at Tuesday night’s “Fashion Rocks” event in Brooklyn … and if you know what’s going on with her butt in…


1 month ago

Salinas native traveling cross country with inflatable testicle

“I wanted to do sort of a social experiment,” Cantley said. “I didn’t want to force myself on anyone, and what this does, it forces people to come to me, ask me, ‘What is this, what’s it about, it kind of looks like a testicle, what’s going on?’ It creates that conversation.”

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