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2 months ago

When The Moment Is Right

A guy in Ohio named J.D. Winteregg went after John Boehner and talked about “ELECTILE dysfunction”. The whole thing was done like a Viagra ad.

Mail Online

2 months ago

Man offers free round the world trip to women called Elizabeth Gallagher

Jordan Axani booked the ticket for him and his girlfriend in March, but the pair have since broken up. Now he has started an online campaign to find someone called Elizabeth Gallagher.


2 months ago

Installed a commercial dishwasher. Dishes done in 90 seconds.

This guy installed a Commercial Dishwasher. Dishes are done in 90 seconds.


2 months ago

12 Fights EVERY Couple Has

If you fall into the toilet one…more…time…


2 months ago

#GotBalls? Vote for Bob Quast

Bob believes in #termlimits and, you guessed it, the 2nd Amendment. He’s just a simple problem solver from Iowa who would like to serve the great, no nonsens…    


2 months ago

Beards are GOOD for you: How having facial hair can be beneficial for your health

Facial hair is currently fashionable for men and cultivating a beard or moustache can have more tangible benefits than simply boosting your hispter street-cred


2 months ago

Smokey fire reveals “Jesus”? in the haze

What appears to be an image of a face, some say that of “Jesus”, was seen from the smoke billowing from a house fire.  Others say the man who rescued someone trapped is the real image.

ABC News

2 months ago

4 Ways to Get Away With Taking a Nap on the Job

For those who just can’t get away from their desk, career consultant and author Cynthia Shapiro named five ways to disguise your drowsy state.

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