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Bleacher Report

2 days ago

Person Pooping in Holes at Norwegian Golf Course Still at Large

In late-breaking news from the dark world of golf-course poop capers, a Norwegian golf club continues its fight against a habitual cup-defacer who has used the course’s holes as toilets. According to a story published by Rogalands Avis’ Frode Olsen (h/t Golf News Net), Stavanger Golf Club in Stavanger, Norway, has been beset by an […]

MTV News

3 days ago

‘Reading Rainbow’ Is Officially Headed For Netflix

It’s that time again — that time of the month when we can all collectively freak out over what’s coming to Netflix in the weeks ahead. And while we totally won’t judge you if you’re setting a reminder to check out “Sorority Row,” we’re over here counting the days for the latest “Doctor Who” series […]


3 days ago

Couples Who Drink Alcohol Together, Stay Together (Says Science)

Interesting news out of SUNY (State University Of New York) Buffalo: Evidently, the couple that boozes together cruises together. According to the University At Buffalo’s website, Dr. Gregory Homish has been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for a decade. He came to the conclusion that couples with similar vices (alcohol and cigarettes in […]

The News-Press

3 days ago

Fla. family finds $1M of sunken Spanish treasure

MELBOURNE, Fla. – For a few weeks, the Schmitt family and 1715 Fleet-Queens Jewels LLC had a million-dollar secret on their hands. Last month, they recovered $1 million worth of sunken Spanish coins and jewels off the Florida coast.


3 days ago

First Church of Satan offers salvation, beer and a stripper

Here’s one way to tell a city to go to hell and it looks as though the devil is in the details. Chaz Stevens, an activist for separating church and state and a self-described minion of Satan, found a way to challenge a Pompano Beach resolution blocking him from leading the invocation at city meetings […]


3 days ago

Investigation into Sanibel skull ends

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is no longer investigation a skull found on Sanibel Island. They say, according to the state, the skull is from a Native American burial ground.


3 days ago

Ape kisses pregnant woman’s belly, charms the Internet

An orangutan kissed a pregnant woman’s belly, and CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports viewers are going ape.


3 days ago

Watch news anchor’s extraordinary Ron Burgundy moment as he attributes Amazon’s success to ‘sex toys’

This hilarious footage shows a presenter going off script in a rather adult way during a live news broadcast.Working in live television can be a minefield, with many a news presenter putting their foot in it. This newsman has gone the extra mile though, with an extraordinary rant about the secret of online giant Amazon’s […]

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