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2 months ago

Urban Outfitters Sorry You Were Offended By “Blood-Spattered” Kent State Sweatshirt

Last night, Urban Outfitters took a lot of heat for selling a “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” on its website that looked like it was splattered in blood. To some, this seemed like a disturbing, ref…

Mail Online

2 months ago

What your cravings are trying to tell you

Intense food cravings can be a sign you’re deficient in certain nutrients, experts say.


2 months ago

Olive Garden defends unlimited breadsticks, salad strategy

Chain says salads are highly rated, unlimited breadsticks convey “Italian generosity”


2 months ago

This Colombian Women’s Cycling Team Uniform Looks Pretty, Um, Naked

I think if you design uniforms for sporting events, flesh-colored, skintight fabrics should only be used for figure skaters who want to pretend to show massive cleavage without freezing their boobs off. Otherwise, you end up with disasters like this, where a bunch of cyclists look like they’re exposing their hoo-has.


2 months ago

7 Health Mistakes You Made In the Last Hour

They seem harmless, but could come back to bite you By Paige Fowler, Men’s Health The day is just beginning, but you’ve already put yourself in danger-and you don’t even realize it. You just can’t keep your hands off yourself: People touch their faces an average of nearly four times per hour, according to researchers […]


2 months ago

VIDEO: Blaze Loves His Kennel (ORIGINAL) Husky Says No to Kennel – Funny

Talking 11 month old husky, ‘Blaze’ from New Hampshire, prefers his freedom and says “No” to his kennel (with annotations)


2 months ago

Grandmas on Facebook Are Tagging Themselves Grandmaster Flash

Here’s a great social media trend: Grandmas on Facebook are accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash. Apparently Nana didn’t get the message.

Pacific Standard

2 months ago

Study: Comfort Food Is a Myth – Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

What’s your favorite “comfort food”? You know you have one—a treat you use to soothe bruised feelings following some distressing event. Well, guess what: You’re kidding yourself. A new study finds comfort foods are no more effective at lifting moods than any other foods—or even sitting quietly without consuming a calorie.

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