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3 months ago

World’s Oldest Female Bungee Jumper Is 95-Year-Old

A 95-year-old woman in Finland recently became the oldest woman in the world to go BUNGEE JUMPING. The only person who was older when they did it was a 96-year-old guy, who bungee jumped from a bridge in South Africa in 2010.    

The Wire

3 months ago

Reddit Spreads, Then Spurns ‘Steve Jobs Is Alive and Living in Brazil’ Conspiracy Theory

Steve Jobs found hanging out with Tupac in Brazil. Or something like that.


3 months ago

Man Buys Every Pie at Local Burger King to Spite Shitty Little Brat

Kids are annoying no matter how you slice it, but if they are crying their heads off and yelling “I want fucking pie!” when you’re in line at a Burger King, the only natural recourse is to then buy every single pie in sight so that the kid just has to fucking deal. One man, […]


3 months ago

A New Teacher Shows Up For Her First Day of School Drunk and Without Pants

Wagoner police arrested a woman they said was intoxicated and not wearing any pants at Wagoner High School on Monday.

Slate Magazine

3 months ago

REMUS SharkCam video: Underwater drone captures POV footage of great white sharks.

Some people have reasonable crippling fears: Heights, drowning, finding out what’s actually in a Slim Jim. Not me. I saw Jaws when I was an impressionable 10-year-old, and from about the moment the Kintner kid bought it, I’ve been absolutely certain that my life will end painfully in the mouth…


3 months ago

Washington, D.C., Tops Forbes 2014 List of America’s Coolest Cities

Flooded with politicos and political junkies, Washington, D.C., often comes off as a city steeped in raw ambition. But the nation’s capital deserves to be known for something else: coolness. While “cool” might not be the first word that comes to mind when contemplating the latspest standoff in Congress, D.C. nonetheless [...]


3 months ago

Woman causes crash shaving bikini area while driving

A woman shaving her bikini area while driving caused a car accident on Cudjoe Key, near Key West.


3 months ago

Just a bear walking upright like a human

Caught on camera bear walking upright. Looks like a person in a bear costume.  

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