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3 months ago

Sense of Smell May Predict Longevity

A defective sense of smell appears to be a good predictor of longevity, a new study has found. Researchers tested a nationally representative sample of 3,005 men and women aged 57 to 85 on their ability to identify five smells: …


3 months ago

The Simple Change That Will Make You a More Powerful Networker

It’s not the handshake or the business cards. It’s something you’ve probably never thought of.


3 months ago

Woman dies falling into vat of wine after being overcome by fumes

Wine specialist Nerea Pérez is believed to have lost her balance while watching the fermenting process


3 months ago

So This Is What Americans Dream About

A website about dreaming analyzed the most common thing people dream about in all 50 states. Some of the best ones are: Missouri and New Hampshire dream about sex . . . Utah dreams about breasts . . . Montana dreams about murder . . . and Idaho dreams about Japanese writing? Can you believe […]


3 months ago

Plastic Surgery Face Healing Everyday

Man was “Glassed” in the face in unprovoked assault by random drunk man. Following reconstructive plastic surgery he took a photo everyday with iPhone app “E…  


3 months ago

Video : Notification Prank

One of the guys walked by people on the street, and made his iPhone chime like he got a text message. And he used the default sound that everyone uses unless they’ve changed the settings. So out of reflex, everyone checked THEIR iPhones for a text message.  

Mail Online

3 months ago

Good news slimmers! Eating that bar of chocolate can HELP you lose weight

New research proves that deprivation diets do no work. A survey of WeightWatchers members showed those who incorporated indulgence into their diets were most successful.

Cute Puppy Love

3 months ago

Domestic Abuse In Public!! (Social Experiment)

This social experiment is about domestic abuse. It is kind of hard to watch, but see what happens when a woman is being abused and when a man is being abused.  What do you when you see something like that on the streets. Intervene? Ignore? call 911?

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