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3 months ago

Polished performance: Fort Myers nail artist wins $100K

Ashley Craig nailed it on “Nail’d It.” The Fort Myers fingernail artist won $100,000 Tuesday night on the Oxygen Network reality TV show. Her work also will appear sometime next year on the cover of “Nail It!” magazine. Craig, 27, says her hands were shaking when the judges announced that she’d won.


3 months ago

10 oddest Christmas and holiday gifts given by co-workers

The Christmas and holiday gift-giving and office party season is upon us. Ten of the oddest gifts given by co-workers. Hint: Hot Pockets. Also, the 5 dos and don’ts of holiday parties.


3 months ago

6 Reasons Not to Take Zinc for Your Cold

There is evidence that zinc can shorten the length of your cold, but it won’t make your symptoms go away, and it has side effects, too.

Tampa Bay Times

3 months ago

Man steals front-end loader, leads police on 90-minute chase

A man driving a stolen vehicle no faster than 25 mph nevertheless led police on a 90-minute chase through north St. Petersburg neighborhoods Saturday night before they could arrest him.


3 months ago

Woman accidentally buys former marijuana grow house in Cape Coral

A great deal turned into a buyer’s worst nightmare. A woman bought a home at auction but when a realtor entered the front door for the first time, he found out the home used to be a sophisticated hydroponic marijuana grow house. “She…


3 months ago

RSW uses dogs to minimize bird strikes

An airport that draws 81,000 flights a year, dozens will hit a bird and while the stat is rather small, it only takes one to cause a castastrophe.That is why RSW is using dogs to scare away the birds.


3 months ago

Thrusting The Throne

A group of amateur rocket enthusiasts in Michigan launched a PORTA-POTTY into the air. It’s not clear how high it went, but a few hundred feet at least. Then a parachute deployed, and it landed about 2,000 feet from where it launched.


3 months ago

Taylor Swift 1989 Mashup!! – EVERY SONG in 3 MINUTES

Every song from Taylor Swift’s album in 3 minutes! Hope you guys like it!    

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