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5 days ago

Griffin Describes His Very First Kiss And It’s So Adorable -

A video of a little kid talking about his FIRST KISS is making the rounds online. His name is Griffin, and he looks about six or seven. And he has trouble explaining just how AWESOME it was. He says it was, quote, “mind-blowing”.


5 days ago

The Guy Who Adds Special Effects to Videos of His Kid Just Posted a New One

A guy named DANIEL HASHIMOTO got huge online last year for his YouTube channel Action Movie Kid. He’s the guy who does special effects in Hollywood . . . but also adds them to videos of his four-year-old. Last year, a video of his son playing with a Lightsaber went viral. And now he’s got […]


5 days ago

Shaquille O’Neal sworn in as police officer in South Florida

Former Orlando Magic star Shaquille O’Neal is now a reserve police officer in South Florida.

NBC New York

6 days ago

Man Rents Excavator, Bulldozes Home Without Telling Wife:

A New York man who rented a bulldozer from a local construction company and demolished the house that he lived in with his wife, whose name is on the deed and who did not know about the razing, told NBC 4 New York he did it because it was dilapidated and needed to come down.


6 days ago

A Guy Puts His Pants on Without Using His Hands . . . While Holding a Baby

A video of a guy putting his pants on without using his hands while holding a BABY is picking up a ton of hits on YouTube. Luckily he didn’t fall and crush the kid.


6 days ago

ESPN: 11 of 12 Patriots’ footballs under-inflated, NFL investigating

The NFL says its investigation into whether the New England Patriots used under-inflated footballs in the AFC championship game is ongoing after a report Tuesday night claimed the league found 11 balls were not properly inflated.


7 days ago

Girl Falls Out of the Car While Twerking (Vine)

Girl Falls Out of the Car While Twerking Vine Girl Falls Out of the Car While Twerking Vine Girl Falls Out of the Car While Twerking Vine Girl Falls Out of t…    


1 week ago

Woman fakes own DEATH to get out of dating man she met online

Dating can be hard. It can take time to find a keeper and sometimes two people are really just not meant to be together. But what happens when you’re not into your date but they won’t get the message?

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