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3 months ago

Guys, Don’t Bother Trying to Sound Sexy

According to a new study, it’s IMPOSSIBLE for men to talk in a sexy voice. Women rated men’s normal voices and their attempts at a “sexy” voice . . . and their normal voices actually scored BETTER. The opposite was true for women. When women talked like SCARLETT JOHANSSON in a low, breathy voice, they […]


3 months ago

Giant mako shark photographed at Florida gas station could set a world record

Florida anglers who had hoped to avoid publicity after catching a giant mako shark from the beach last week might have succeeded had they not stopped for gas on the way home–with the enormous predator spilling from the bed of their pickup truck.


3 months ago

Sneaky ways social media could hurt your career

Obviously you shouldn’t trash your boss on Facebook, but that’s not the only way social media could hurt your career. You should also rethink the stuff you “like” . . . your profile pic . . . the email address you’re using . . . your privacy settings . . . and the stuff your […]


3 months ago

Dumb Survey Says Your Name Predicts How Much of a Gold Digger You Are – Is yours on the LIST?

I love the surveys that make it to the top of the Daily Mail. They’re personally relevant enough to read and outrageous and trivial enough to be totally entertaining. The latest survey that they cover does not disappoint. According to data pulled by something called DirtSearch.org, a background/criminal check/stalking website, the names of women most […]


3 months ago

What Magazine Does EVERY memeber of Congress get EVERY month? YOU WILL BE SHOCKED!

Congressional offices have a porn problem, but it’s not exactly what you think. Since 1983, Larry Flynt has sent the monthly magazine he founded, Hustler, to each and every member of Congress. The dirty mag comes in a plain manila envelope, fairly undetectable to the poor intern or staffer tasked with opening the mail. And […]


3 months ago

Men become their dad at 38 see the TOP 10 things that say it’s TRUE!

A new survey has revealed that the average British man morphs into his father aged 38, with the most popular telltale sign nodding off in the living room. 1. You fall asleep in the living room. 2. You have a special chair that’s only for YOU to sit in. 3. Your dancing becomes awkward. 4. […]


3 months ago

A Study Says – Your Period Temporarily Makes You Dumber?

Besides causing discomfort, pain, nausea, and cramping, period pain is also found to make women less accurate and less intelligent than when they are not in pain, according to a new University of Bath study.


4 months ago

Habits Of Incredibly Charming People

By mimicking some of the ways the most charismatic people behave, you can open yourself up to your coworkers and clients.

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