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Yahoo Sports

1 week ago

Best tip ever! Wade Davis’ wife gives waiter World Series ticket as a tip

The Royals relief pitcher’s wife made a guy’s day.

The Huffington Post

1 week ago

The Worst Places To Seek Refuge During The Zombie Apocalypse

If and when the zombie apocalypse is nigh, we will all have to make one monumental decision: Where to seek refuge? Steer clear of the 25 cities on the map below, produced by real-estate website Trulia. Unless you’re a zombie, in which case, live i…


1 week ago

5 Seemingly Harmful Things That Make You Live Longer

Apparently science says that there are plenty of random and even bad habits that will help us live longer.


1 week ago

AWOL: Semi with 44,000-lbs. of Miller High Life beer swiped

Guess you can have champagne on a beer budget as long as you’re chugging “The Champagne of Beers.”

The Smoking Gun

1 week ago

Air Force Member Arrested After Giving Minnesota Cop A

The patrolman “felt two fingertips that were obvious to him as wet with saliva being pushed into his right and left ear canals,” according to a court filing.

Cute Puppy Love

1 week ago

Dying Man Finds Miracle in Abandoned Church

Greg Thomas was diagnosed with stage 4 head and neck cancer at 54. He was feeling weak and all he could do was go in long walks with his dog. It was in one of those walks that he came across an abandoned church. He took it upon himself to restore it. Three years later,…

Mail Online

1 week ago

Pet cat Missey saved by being given half a litre of VODKA in a drip after yobs doused her in anti-freeze

Missey the kitten’s life was saved after vets administered vodka through a drip. Her owner Sara, from Redcar in North Yorkshire, said the four-month-old was ‘blind drunk’ after the treatment.

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