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The Huffington Post

5 months ago

Outrageous 911: ‘I Think A F–king Buffalo Fell On Me’

When Jim Harris called 911 back in June 2010, he could barely speak. A mounted, 200-pound head of a water buffalo fell on him in the middle of the night. “I think a f—ing buffalo fell on me,” he told the dispatcher. To be sure, it w…


5 months ago

Sergeant’s Emotional Surprise for Wife

When Iowa Army National Guard Sergeant John Vorrath left for his deployment in the Middle East five months ago, he knew he would miss the birth of his daughter. But the day before his wife, Janae, was to have a scheduled C-section, Vorrath’s commander told him Army policies had recently changed, and he could put […]


5 months ago

A Hairless Cat Faces Off with a Guy in a Werewolf Mask

Here’s the weirdest thing you’ll see today. Someone posted a video of their hairless cat freaking out after it saw a guy in a werewolf mask on Halloween. And it sounded like it was saying “no, no, no” every time it growled at him.


5 months ago

Which Celebs Do You Think Have the Lowest IQ?

Which celebs do you think have the highest IQ? That’s a good question! While few of these celebrities will ever take an IQ test and release their results, judging by the dumb thing…

Good Housekeeping

5 months ago

Showering Mistakes -Beauty and Hair Mistakes You Make in the Shower

You don’t replace your washcloths or loofah. Unfortunately, both are breeding grounds for bacteria. You should only use a washcloth three or four times before throwing them in the laundry. And to make sure they’re really clean, wash them in hot water. That will also eliminate any leftover musty smells that are caused from body […]

Star Magazine

5 months ago

20 Most Hated Celebrities

A list of the 20 most hated celebrities in Hollywood as voted by Star readers.

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