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5 months ago

Kentucky Woman Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend In An Absolutely BRUTAL Facebook Post

If you’re wondering what that mushroom cloud is rising over Bowling Green, Kentucky, it’s just this scathing breakup letter a woman left for her boyfriend on Facebook. The woman, who remains nameless, was dating the coach of a high school boys basketball team in Bowling Green. The coach, Jason Stonebraker, resigned after this devastating letter…


5 months ago

A Woman Takes Out a Newspaper Ad Congratulating Her Husband on His New Baby . . . That He’s Expecting With His Mistress

Say what you will about the death of the newspaper, but there’s just something more permanent about seeing something in print compared to seeing it on Craigslist. There’s an ad circulating around from a newspaper in east Texas right now that’s just brilliant. (We couldn’t find which specific newspaper ran it.) The ad says, quote, […]


5 months ago

Plymouth man Ian Olver needs hospital treatment after cat attacks him because of aftershave

A PLYMOUTH dad suffered a serious facial injury that needed hospital treatment after he was attacked by a neighbour’s cat because it hated his aftershave. Plasterer Ian Olver, 44, had splashed on the Hugo Boss Bottled Night scent after it was given to him by his wife Hayley, 40, as a Christmas present. Ian put […]


5 months ago

The World’s Billionaires

The ranks of the world’s billionaires have swelled to a record 1,645 including 268 newcomers. While wealth spreads to new corners of the world, including for the first time places like Tanzania and Lithuania, the U.S. still dominates with Bill Gates back on top after a four-year hiatus and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg the year’s biggest […]


5 months ago

Comedian pranks local news stations by posing as chef

Hmm, what to do you do with those leftover Thanksgiving meals? How about prank some local television stations? Comedian Nick Prueher of the Queens-based Found Footage Festival showcased his fake skills as a fake chef while appearing on five local stations in the Illinois and Wisconsin area last holiday season. The Long Island City resident […]


5 months ago

CheapAir.com study reveals exact day to buy airfare at lowest price

A new study has finally revealed a solid answer to a question that’s plagued travelers for decades: when exactly should you book a flight to get it at its cheapest. And that answer is 54 days prior to departure, according to CheapAir.com. The tip comes from a study that analyzed over 4 million flights in […]


5 months ago

Oops! Pope Francis Accidentally Says The F-Word In Italian

The pope accidentally said the F-word. Native Spanish speaker Pope Francis, using Italian in his weekly Vatican address Sunday, said the obscene “cazzo,” which Italians often utter as an F-bomb, instead of “caso,” which means “case.” He quickly corrected himself and moved on. But media outlets and the Internet weren’t about to let it go. […]


5 months ago

The Adventure of the Carmen Call…I need an a cue stick.

Carmen asking for a cue stick but this guy got a Acoustic

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