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2 weeks ago

Olive Garden offers free child care for a date night at the restaurant

Olive Garden really wants you to eat their unlimited breadsticks. So much so that the chain restaurant is willing to babysit your noisy, sticky-fingered kids for an entire evening – or at least as long as it takes you to finish your meal.


2 weeks ago

Pregnant mom tries to induce labor with ‘Thriller’ dance

From eating spicy food to walking around the block, people always have advice on how expectant mothers can induce labor, but this might be one you haven’t heard of.  


2 weeks ago

A Guy Annoys His Toddler by Singing the Wrong Words to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”

I sing a Frozen song wrong intentionally and she doesn’t think its funny.      

Yahoo Sports

2 weeks ago

88-year-old attempts to charge the mound at Rockies fantasy camp

Don’t pitch up an in on an 88-year-old man. He might just charge the mound. That’s how Lew Dunlap reacted after ducking a pitch near his chin at a Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp in Arizona. The camp is an annual event that lets fan live out their dreams of playing in the pros.


2 weeks ago

The 13 Absolute Best Things About Being Single on Valentine’s Day

“Two whole chocolate bars” is the portion size for one person. One.

Gawker Newsfeed

2 weeks ago

Nut Rage! Flight Attendant Sentenced to One year for In-Flight Macadamia Meltdown

Korea Air Lines’ infamous “nut rage” executive was sentenced to one year in prison on Thursday after being found guilty of obstructing aviation safety. In December, Heather Cho-the company’s former vice president in charge of in-flight service-ordered a crew chief off a Seoul-bound flight because she and others in the first class cabin had been […]


2 weeks ago

Two YouTube Channels Prank People Learning English . . . by Telling Them How to Pronounce Words Wrong

Ellen found more clips from her favorite new pronunciation guide on YouTube! She even found some very specific ones for today’s show. Check it out!    


2 weeks ago

Waffle House offers candle-lit dinner for Valentine’s Day

Flowers, chocolates and dinners end up costing a lot of money on Valentine’s Day. But some people save a few bucks by taking their sweethearts to Waffle House for their candle-lit dinner.

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