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6 months ago

Don’t Know The Number? Don’t Return The Call – It’s A Scam, Better Business Bureau Warns

This is one ring you won’t treasure. A new scam is targeting the curiosity of consumers and the Better Business Bureau wants to remind you that curiosity killed the cat – or in this case ran up his cell phone bill with excessive charges. The Better Business Bureau of Chicago and Northern Illinois issued a […]


6 months ago

Miley Cyrus grinds with Madonna for MTV’s ‘Unplugged’

MTV’s “Unplugged” series has hosted a wealth of music talent over the years, including Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton and Florence and the Machine. Now add Miley Cyrus to the list. If there were questions about whether the Disney princess turned pop provocateur would tone down her antics, they didn’t last long. “A lot could happen. […]


6 months ago

Billy Ray Cyrus to Big Mama’s Wedding

Billy Ray Cyrus has told Big Mama twice now that he would come to Fort Myers and Sing at his wedding next month. But we need him to confirm. We want to tweet, facebook, call, email, snail mail, and do whatever it takes to get him here. Billy was excited about Big Mama’s #livepositive movement […]


6 months ago

Yahoo Food

Photo credit: Getty Before 1983, the sight of Nutella smeared on a crepe or slice of white bread usually meant you were in Europe. That was the year that Italian producer Ferrero Rocher began exporting the chocolate-hazelnut spread to the United States. But it wouldn’t truly catch on stateside until more than two decades later.  In […]


6 months ago

2014 Super Bowl Commercials

We have an advance look at a few commercials that are scheduled to air during Sunday’s Super Bowl . . . and frankly, two of them are pretty underwhelming.


6 months ago


You hear him on the show and now you can get your own reading. HERE is his info: The Official Gary Spivey Website – Home of Psychic, Healer, Channerller, and Spiritual Teacher.


6 months ago

6 Gross Side Effects Of Chewing Gum – ABC News

You probably think that gum is a healthy alternative to candy or other snacks. Actually, here’s a list of five weird and disturbing things it does to your body:


6 months ago

What Your Body Will Do In The Next 30 Seconds

In the next 30 seconds you will, on average…. 1) Take 8 breaths. 2) Produce .3 grams of carbon dioxide. 3) Your heart will beat 36 times. 4) Produce 72 million red blood cells. 5) Your blood will travel 4 miles. Find more BuzzFeed videos on Yahoo Screen.

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