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6 months ago

Big Mama VBlog #1 “How my day Starts”

Check out the first of Big Mama’s Video Blog. Hope you Like it


6 months ago

NYC Book Club Goes Topless ‘To Make Reading Sexy,’ Succeeds

It’s spring in New York City, and that means the city’s most topless literary club is back in action. Members of the The Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society bared their breasts in Central Park on Friday, and then again Saturday wh…


6 months ago

The Adventure of The Carmen Call

May 7th , 2014…LISTEN NOW to Carmen who wants to buy a car. The lady on the other side of the phone is not having it ! …LOL        


6 months ago

When Being Cheap Could Cost You More

From bed sheets to blenders, skimping on these items could cost you more in the long run.


6 months ago

New trend has teens walking something very bizarre on leashes

A new trend in China has lonely teenagers walking cabbage “pets” on a leash, according to video from geobeats. Groups of young people were photographed dragging around heads of cabbage at Midi Music Festival in Beijing.


6 months ago

Library card as good as a pay raise? Yes.

I’ll put the pretense of objectivity aside and admit that I’m a huge fan of libraries. Growing up, my town’s library was a home-away-from-home. (I loved it so much it was a no-brainer that my first job ever, at age 14, was as a library page – a person who puts the books away.) Walking […]


6 months ago

Woman joins mile-high club with a stranger as parents sit in cabin

Guess she’s no “Virgin.” A British woman, believed to be in her 20s, was allegedly caught having raunchy sex in the tiny airplane bathroom with a man she met on the Virgin Atlantic flight – all whi…


6 months ago

This is How Much Time You’ve Spent Watching Your Favorite TV Shows

This is how long it takes to watch your favorite TV Shows…How many days did you waste ?

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