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6 months ago

Men become their dad at 38 see the TOP 10 things that say it’s TRUE!

A new survey has revealed that the average British man morphs into his father aged 38, with the most popular telltale sign nodding off in the living room. 1. You fall asleep in the living room. 2. You have a special chair that’s only for YOU to sit in. 3. Your dancing becomes awkward. 4. […]


6 months ago

A Study Says – Your Period Temporarily Makes You Dumber?

Besides causing discomfort, pain, nausea, and cramping, period pain is also found to make women less accurate and less intelligent than when they are not in pain, according to a new University of Bath study.


6 months ago

Habits Of Incredibly Charming People

By mimicking some of the ways the most charismatic people behave, you can open yourself up to your coworkers and clients.


6 months ago

Traffic was shut down and a woman was hospitalized after she jumped from a moving pickup in Boca

A woman in Boca jumped out of a moving pickup truck when she saw a lizard, police say.


6 months ago

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Beer Guard Dog!!!

Watch this video of a dog guarding a half rack of Bud Light. This video is epic, share with your favorite Bud Light drinker.


6 months ago


A video called “World’s Toughest Job“ is getting millions of hits on YouTube.  It’s a guy interviewing people for a FAKE job, which requires 135 hours a week on your FEET, with no breaks.  And it pays NOTHING.  So obviously no one’s interested. But by the end, you find out the job he’s describing is […]


6 months ago

This Guy Had a Great Idea… $12 and 30 Minutes Later, His Daughter Loves It!

Looking for something fun to do outside now that the weather is getting warmer? It may not be summer yet, but it’s never too soon to think about all the fun you can have outdoors! This idea comes from a blog called homemadetoast.com: for just $12 and 30 minutes of work, you can make a […]


6 months ago

Miley Cyrus — Death of Dog Triggered Illness Triggered Hospitalization

Miley Cyrus may have been rushed to the hospital because of a bad reaction to antibiotics, but we’re told the reason she was on the meds was because she…

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