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6 months ago

Three Chicks Arrested After Twerking, Peeing in City Hall Parking Lot

Three women in their early 20s were arrested in Beaverton, OR on Monday after they were spotted twerking in front of municipal court windows. One of them allegedly peed in between two cop cars while her friend filmed it. They were stopped by police, who reportedly discovered the girls were in possession of coke, meth […]


6 months ago

Watermelon Juice Is ‘Nature’s Viagra,’ According to Science

his kind of feels like an urban legend, but we thought we’d pass it along in case it works. Apparently, a few studies have found that WATERMELON is like NATURE’S VIAGRA. The studies found that watermelon is SO GOOD for blood circulation that it can help you with your ENGORGEMENTS. Now you know


6 months ago

FUN FACT: 93% of Straight Guys Have Cuddled With Another Guy

In a new peer-reviewed paper, a pair of English sociologists show that British men are surprisingly comfortable touching teach other.


6 months ago

High School Student Stuns The Internet With Breathtaking Original Song (Video)

This girl has got skills. Listen to Molly Kate Kestner, a high school senior from Minnesota, perform an original song, “His Daughter.”


6 months ago

The 10 Things Guys Like Talking About

A new survey asked men to name their favorite subjects to talk about, and sex came in LAST. Here are all of the top 10 discussion topics men like . . . 10. Sex. 9. Music. 8. Relationships 7. Movies. 6. Food and drink. Click READ MORE to see the top 5!


6 months ago

Grandpa Calls 911 on his Grandson..Find out WHY HERE!

Edward Friel told Ohio sheriff’s deputies that his 17-year-old kin “does nothing around the house,” so he decided Saturday to “cut the internet cable cord.”


6 months ago

A Montage of Terrible Game Show Answers

On Monday, a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant blew it when she tried to guess the puzzle, “Booking My Shore Excursion” . . . and guessed “BOOZING My Shore Excursion.” But if that wasn’t enough stupidity for you, there’s a montage of terrible game show answers making the rounds online.  You’ve probably seen a few of […]


6 months ago

Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant: Attack of the Ambien Zombies (Part One)

“Betty” is a real-life flight attendant who has had enough. You think you’ve got it bad when your inflight entertainment conks out, the Pixie-Stix addicted kid behind you mistakes the back of your chair for a vertical trampoline, and the plane runs out of “Good Morning Sunshine” cheese boxes? That’s child’s play. Welcome to Confessions […]

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