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6 months ago

God Bless America: Woman Arrested For Stealing A Bible From Walmart

A story about two great brands.


6 months ago

Scientists discover blonde ‘switch’

Whether you are born blonde or brunette depends on a single letter of the genetic code, scientists have learned.


6 months ago

How To Make A $454 Homemade Air Conditioner For About $15. This Is Totally Awesome, And So Easy To Make!

If  you’ve ever had your power go out on one of those hot summer days you know just how important keeping cool can be. Seems every year people die due to heat. Keeping your home cool in the summer can be very expensive if you use your air conditioner. This air conditioner is very simple […]


6 months ago

New midlife crisis signs are marathons, getting a facelift or a tattoo

Classic signifiers such as dodgy leather jackets, flash cars and younger women are long gone. You’re more likely to be moisturising and drinking a probiotic.


6 months ago

113-year-old Chinese woman marries 70-year-old boyfriend after 6-month fling

The 113-year-old cougar rejected her 70-year-old boyfriend’s first proposal because she thought he was too young. But the younger man won her over in April, and the two finally wed at their Chinese nursing home


6 months ago

Justin Bieber apologizes for racist joke

Justin Bieber was in serious damage control mode Sunday after a video of him telling a racist joke to friends surfaced.


6 months ago

Shelly Sterling: Trust agrees to sell Clippers to Steve Ballmer 

The sale of the Clippers continued on its bizarre journey late Thursday night when representatives of co-owner Shelly Sterling sent out a media release that the Sterling family trust has agreed to sell the team to former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer for $2 billion.


6 months ago

Hurricane tax holiday to run next week

Floridians can avoid paying sales tax next week on hurricane preparation supplies. The sales tax holiday begins Saturday and ends June 8.<br/>

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