The #1 Hit Music Station


Business Insider

7 months ago

Julian Treasure: Bad Speaking Habits

Speaker and author Julian Treasure explains the “seven deadly sins of speaking” in a popular TED Talk.

The Huffington Post

7 months ago

Admit It, You’re Only Pretending To Like These 23 Things

Face it: You’re only pretending to love running and traveling. It’s time to open up the real you. …

Mail Online

7 months ago

The little secrets of our happiness revealed thanks to survey

According to researchers at Nottingham Trent University, sunshine, finding an item in your shopping is reduced, and getting something for free all boost out happiness.  


7 months ago

Sanibel man accused in Nike theft ring

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Nike sneakers are stolen.  A man, law enforcement say, is caught in the middle and has ties to SW Florida.<br/><br/>


7 months ago

Spokane’s First Weed Buyer Sees Job Go Up in Smoke

His employers weren’t happy that Mike Boyer spent 19 hours in line to be the Washington town’s first to buy legal weed, so they fired him. UPDATE: He got his job back, because he was toking on his own time and that’s not a problem


7 months ago

DUI checkpoint video goes viral


Mail Online

7 months ago

Could sniffing farts be GOOD for you? Potent gas in flatulence can help prevent cancer, strokes and heart attacks, claim scientists

Experts at Exeter University in Devon say small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, produced during the break down of food in the gut, can help protect cells and fight illness.


7 months ago

11 Stars With Freaky Body Parts

Many celebrities are known for their talent and their unbelievable good looks. However, a handful of these seemingly flawless stars secretly have very freaky body parts.

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