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7 months ago

Steve Harvey CRIES Crying over the Couple That Took him In BEFORE He was Famous

Steve Harvey Breaks Down During Surprise Reunion Steve Harvey CRIES Crying over the Couple That Took him In BEFORE He was Famous Steve Harvey gets surprised …    


7 months ago

For Every Seven Pounds You Lose on a Diet, You Also Lose One Friend

A new study reveals that 81 per cent of those who had lost weight also lost friends during the course of their weight loss.


7 months ago

Star Wars: Get in the next Star Wars film for $10.

For your chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII and to support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs, visit: www.Omaze.com/StarWars In a special video message …      


7 months ago

The CEO of Levi’s Says You Should Never Wash Your Jeans

It’s no secret that jeans can go for a remarkably long time without a visit to the washing machine, but some of us are perhaps just a little ashamed of how long we’ll wear the same pair. Luckily for the slobs out there, the CEO of Levi’s has personally blessed our “Eh, it’ll go another […]


7 months ago

The Adventure of Carmen Call

May 22, 2014. Carmen wants to book Lorde for an event. However, she can’t because Lorde is only 17 1/2..and there’s rules . LOL        


7 months ago

17 Things Happy People Say Every Day

Are you as happy as you wish you were today? If not, try saying a few of these simple, inspiring things to other people. They won’t just improve your mood; they’ll trigger positive reactions that will legitimately make you feel happier, too.


7 months ago

7 Signs Someone Famous is at Your Hotel

If you’ve ever looked across a crowded hotel lobby and could have sworn that a woman wearing sunglasses was Angelina Jolie, don’t be so quick to doubt your eyesight. Many celebrities check in at the front desk just like the average Joe. 


7 months ago

Could this be the first drinkable sunscreen?

Sick of sticky sunscreen? A US cosmetics company claims to have designed a suntan lotion that you can drink – but experts say it is a gimmick

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