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7 months ago

The Adventure of The Carmen Call (4-30)

Carmen found a book bag and temptation leads her to the dark side…lol


7 months ago

Company’s claim that it may have found airplane wreckage disputed

A company says it has found what may be the wreckage of a plane in the ocean, but leaders of the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dismiss the claim.


7 months ago

14 Highly Successful People Who Prioritize A Good Night’s Sleep

“Finish each day before you begin the next, and interpose a solid wall of sleep between the two.” American transcendentalist thinker Ralph Waldo Emerson shared these words of wisdom long before modern science proved the many reasons w…


7 months ago

SEC to continue eight-game conference schedule

The SEC is sticking with eight conference games for it’s 14 teams, though it has a twist. Read about the story here.


7 months ago

Man punished for playing Celine Dion too loudly

A 47-year-old man in England has been annoying his neighbors for weeks by blasting songs at all hours . . . including Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the “Toy Story” soundtrack.  And a court just seized his stereo for a month . . . then […]


7 months ago

Adulterers LOVE rock n roll and country but don’t care for hip hop – and 70 per cent of us wouldn’t date someone with different music tastes, says new survey

Researchers questioned people who admitted to having cheated on their music preferences and 41 per cent choose rock ‘n’ roll as their favourite genre.


7 months ago

Top 5 kissing turn offs!

We find out what the top ten turn off and turn ons men and women have on a first date!


7 months ago

CAN YOU DO THIS? Beer Mile World Record Smashed By Canuck

James Nielsen, a two-time NCAA 5,000-meters champion and Canadian, smashed the beer mile world record over the weekend with a time of four minutes, 57 seconds. He is 34.

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