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7 months ago

Peter Mayhew Returns As Chewbacca For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’

We may be headed to a galaxy far, far away, but the characters are looking very much the same. With production already started on “Star Wars: Episode 7,” Disney exec Alan Horn admitted that casting was still being solidified. Well, here’s another puzzle piece put into place.


7 months ago

8 Ways to Get Men’s Attention

“Redbook” has a bunch of advice on how women can get men to PAY ATTENTION to what they’re saying. Here are five phrases that supposedly make men stop zoning out and LISTEN:


7 months ago

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair: Music

Welcome to the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll for April 2014. They say April is for lovers and so is this month’s poll, for lovers of music that is. What is it about music that moves us so much? Many people find it hard to describe how and why music moves them, it has been said […]


7 months ago

31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer


7 months ago

The Adventure of the Carmen Call

Listen every weekday morning for your Adventures of The Carmen Call. Carmen likes to prank people on a regular basis and we play them back for you once an hour. Catch them at 6:15, 7:30, and 8:30. You can also listen to more of them on the iradionow app. So many people ask us who […]


7 months ago

Attention all College Students: Prank your Professor!!! See this one!

We’re not sure where this happened, but there’s a video going around of a college professor who makes students answer calls on speakerphone if their phone rings during class.  Or at least that USED to be his policy. Because for April Fools’ Day, one of his female students had a friend call her during class […]


7 months ago

Groom faces court after arriving allegedly drunk at Adelaide church for his wedding

A groom has faced court after a minister refused to perform a marriage because he said the man was too drunk. Musician Jacob Francis Brookes, 41, had his buck’s celebration the night before he was supposed to tie the knot back in February, in Adelaide’s western suburbs.


7 months ago

Change Your Ringtone to Get Over a Breakup Faster

We have a rough time with change, and that’s especially true when a relationship ends. While you can’t get over a breakup in an instant, there are ways to make the healing process go a little faster. Redditor Arknell suggests you start by changing your ringtone.

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