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2 months ago

The Most Unusual Baby Names of 2015

Points for creativity! In BabyCenter’s annual baby-naming survey, 43 percent of parents reported liking unusual names – though some went further than others in an effort to make sure their child stood out from the crowd.

Mail Online

2 months ago

Star Wars parody of Adele’s Hello takes the internet by storm

A Star Wars version of the power ballad, created by YouTube user RoyishGoodLooks, has been taking the internet by storm.

Yahoo Finance

2 months ago

The boom and bust cities of 2015

Florida is back. The Sunshine State tied California for having the most cities that improved in the rankings since last year. While tech is the big story in California, Florida’s resurgence seems to be driven by a dramatic improvement in the once-wrecked housing market. Among Florida’s most-improved cities…


2 months ago

Coffee Cans Wash Ashore by the Thousands in Florida

The vacuum-sealed containers attracted the attention of local caffeine fiends, who were spotted collecting the coffee by the bagful. Coffee Cans Wash Ashore by the Thousands in Florida.  


2 months ago

1 in 3 Americans refuse to tip during the holidays

Etiquette experts say this is a major holiday faux pas. Workers, don’t hold your breath for a tip this holiday season. Fully 30% of Americans say they don’t plan to give out any holiday tips this year, according to a survey of more than 1,400 adults released Tuesday by Care.com. This, despite the fact that […]


2 months ago

A Montage of the Best Viral Videos of the Year

A YouTuber named Luc Bergeron just posted his annual “Best of Web” montage of the best viral videos of the year.This time he used over 500, so it covers a lot of ground.  


2 months ago

Cameras to be installed in downtown Fort Myers by NYE

Beginning Monday, Dec. 14, a state-of-the-art surveillance system will be installed in downtown Fort Myers. Experts said it will be as if there are 400 cameras watching the River District.


2 months ago

Charlotte traffic stop unwraps marijuana candy bars

Andrew M. George, 27, of Punta Gorda, faces multiple charges after a routine traffic stop yielded a significant haul for the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

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