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8 months ago

Seven Words That Make Your Dating Profile More Attractive

MATH is about to help you get-it-on. The magazine “Wired” worked with Match.com and OkCupid to analyze thousands of profiles, and find 1,000 words associated with the most ATTRACTIVE people. And the TWO best words any man or woman can add to their profile to make themselves more attractive are . . . SURFING and […]


8 months ago

Georgia Lawyer’s Super Bowl Spot Is Crazy in Best Possible Way

Things we look for in a good Super Bowl commercial: 1. Batman-like lead character (if Batman were a Savannah-based personal injury lawyer). 2. Rock ‘n roll soundtrack. 3. Smoke machines. 4. More smoke machines. Add those things up, throw in some shots of a gravestone being smashed with a flaming sledgehammer, plus slow-motion explosions, flowers […]


8 months ago

13 Fun Facts about Super Bowl 48

After last night’s Super Bowl, we ventured out into the Internet in search of some trivia and interesting facts on the game for all the sports junkies out there. Here’s what we came up with: 1. The Denver Broncos are the first Super Bowl team to be shut out at halftime since the New York […]


8 months ago

The ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion Is Real And It’s Spectacular – Music, Celebrity, Artist News

It’s a Festivus miracle! The “Seinfeld” gang is getting back together. When people spotted Jerry Seinfeld and former co-star Jason Alexander together, rumors of a reunion began to circulate, but others thought they were just filming an episode of Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.” “It is not. But it is not not […]


8 months ago

The Liar Test…Take it here!

Psychologist Richard Wiseman, the author of “59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute,” has a simple test to determine whether you are a good liar or not. It’s called the “Q” test and it takes about five seconds to complete. Here’s how it works: Using the first finger of your dominant hand, draw […]


8 months ago

Judge Disqualified over Facebook ‘Friend’ Request

Back in February, the American Bar Association cautioned judges about their use of social media. While sites like Facebook and Twitter can help judges stay in touch with the wider world, the ABA admonished that they should think twice before “friending,” “liking,” or “following” somebody. A case in Florida drives home that concern.


8 months ago

19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know

You spend, like, half of your life on that thing, we’re talking about the iphone or ipad, but did you know you can take shortcuts. like taking a selfie easier than you ever have. Or how about a shortcut for your keyboard if you are all thumbs. See it here….


8 months ago

Ohio Woman wants to Change her Name to Sexy

The name her parents gave her is so heinous, so cruel, that she rarely speaks it. It comes out of her mouth as a two-syllable shudder. Sheila. “I absolutely hate it,” Ranea Crabtree said. “I think it’s really ugly.” Crabtree has gone by her middle name since she was a teenager, and now, as the […]

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