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2 months ago

Phony cop enjoyed videos of flashing police lights, officers say

This dude apparently prefers to throw some light on speeders over football.


2 months ago

Cops: Man conned valet into handing over new Mercedes

If the Lord won’t buy you a Mercedes-Benz, there are other ways to get in the driver’s seat.

The News-Press

2 months ago

Beach takes first step toward redevelopment

Fort Myers Beach officials took a small yet giant stride Monday towards a development partnership with Torgerson Properties that’s expected to dramatically overhaul the town’s commercial waterfront.


2 months ago

Deputies: Polk City driver receiving oral sex struck and killed a bicyclist

While riding in a pickup truck down U.S. 92, a woman performing oral sex on the driver heard “a bump,” as she later told deputies. The driver told her he had struck a stop sign — but the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said the “bump” was a homeless man he struck and killed.


2 months ago

A Mall Santa Talked to a Little Girl Using Sign Language

A woman in Cleveland took her hearing-impaired daughter to meet Santa for the first time at a mall on Saturday.  She’s looks about three or four years old and a video of it is blowing up, because when he found out she was deaf, he started talking to her in sign language.  


2 months ago

Fort Myers council: ZombiCon cannot be held downtown

ZombiCon will be forced to find a new hosting area as Fort Myers City Council ruled Monday night the event cannot be held downtown.


2 months ago

Deputies: 11-foot alligator killed accused burglar hiding in pond

An accused burglar whom authorities say hid in a pond while on the run was killed by an 11-foot alligator, Brevard County deputies say.

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