Biggie’s Corner


NFL needs to and Intervention

 As a father and a husband my stance on abuse is clear. Men don’t hit women, and don’t beat your kids educate them. As a NFL fan for years I can only ask if the men and women running this organization feel the same as I do?  If I was the commissioner I would without a doubt restructure all the rules to a much higher standard. I think we need to find twenty fans and coaches that would like to participate in an intervention with NFL leaders. I ask you one question right now, why do we hold the Military to higher standard than the NFL? We pay the NFL players tons of more money than even our HIGHEST rank Military personnel. So with that being said I think we should either raise the bar on the NFL rules or raise the pay of our military. And since I truly believe that neither of these will happen, then it must be time for us to RAISE the BAR for all NFL players, coaches, and owners and hold them to the same standards as the military. If a officer in the military cheats on his wife he can be sent to prison, because adultery is against the U.C.M.J. (United Code for Military Justice). The U.C.M.J. is a separate form of the judicial system all together. If you get in trouble with the civilian authorities you can then be charged again by the military authorities. There is no ‘Double Jeopardy’ protection. So Stand up against this outlandish behavior by these so called ‘Role Models’ and let them know we won’t be taking it any longer. I suggest that we only fan teams with Good Character. Every team has their problem players, but how you handle it dictates how you are perceived. The Vikings should of never let Adrian Peterson back on the team even for 24 hours. For that I shame you Minnesota. The Ravens handled the Ray Rice situation with kid gloves until the second video came out. For that I shame you Baltimore. In closing I will say the Baltimore seems to have figured it out now and the same goes for Minnesota. But sometimes your first reaction is what people watch. React the way you would if it was your kid, daughter, or sister…GOD is watching. – Big Mama