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3 days ago

Jose Canseco lied to us all about his finger falling off

The saga of Canseco’s shot-off finger gets even more weird, as he admits to hoax.


3 days ago

Snoop Dogg Made A Candle And It Doesn’t Smell Like Weed

BuzzFeedLife talked to the mogul about his favorite scents and why he would never want a weed-scented candle.


3 days ago

Two Selena Gomez Songs Leak Online: Are “Do It” & “My Dilemma 2.0″ About Justin Bieber? Listen!

Let the speculations begin. New material off of Selena Gomez’s upcoming greatest hits album, For You, have made its way online and many fans are suspecting that the leaked tracks are directed at none other than the singer’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber. In ‘Do It,’ a song written by Gomez, Antonina Armato, Tim James, […]


3 days ago

Jose Canseco — My Finger Didn’t Fall Off … It Was A PRANK!!

The mangled finger that “fell off” Jose Canseco’s hand during a poker game WILL NOT be popping up on eBay — ’cause the whole thing was a giant prank ……


4 days ago

Orange Is the New Black Star Arrested for Threatening Alleged Stalker

Taryn Manning, the actress who plays Pennsatucky in the Netflix prison dramedy Orange in the New Black, was arrested Tuesday for violating a restraining order and threatening the former friend who’s allegedly been stalking her for months, Gossip Cop reports.


4 days ago

Sexiest Man And Woman Alive Pairings, Ranked By Sexiness

What year had the most sexy Sexiest Man and Sexiest Woman Alive pairing?


5 days ago

Official Bob Marley Marijuana Is Coming

It was just a matter of time.


5 days ago

Chris Hemsworth Is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive 2014 : People.com

The father of three says the honor just might get him out of diaper duty

NBC News

5 days ago

Lawyer: Tracy Morgan Still Struggling With Severe Brain Injury

Tracy Morgan is still fighting to recover from a severe brain injury suffered in a highway crash more than five months ago, and it’s uncertain if he will be …

Entertainment Tonight

5 days ago

EXCLUSIVE: Janice Dickinson Details Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Accusations: He Raped Me

Janice Dickinson is the latest woman to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby.