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3 days ago

IRS Accuses This Man Of Hiding Money. His Response Is Genius.

This is the time of year when taxes are the enemy. The IRS decides to audit Ralph, and summon him to the IRS office. The IRS auditor is not surprised when Ralph shows up with his attorney. The auditor says, “Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment, which you explain by […]


3 days ago

Car transport company shifts into high gear this time of year

For many Southwest Florida businesses, the unofficial end of tourist season, typically marked by the conclusion to Easter weekend, means a chance to relax. Take a breather. Unwind a bit.Young’s Transport Inc. is not one of those businesses.Specializing in transporting snowbirds’ personal vehicles to and from the Midwest, the Fort Myers-based company is busy shifting […]


5 days ago

Kenny Is The Realest “Price is Right” contestant ever

Posted By Abdul


1 week ago

Woman on spring break freaks out in presence of docile manatee

“Wh… Where is it? Ooohhhhh my god!” shouts a woman who videotapes her hilarious reaction to swimming with a friendly manatee recently in Florida.

Viral Doza

2 weeks ago

She Was Just Trying To Help Their Marriage, But Then This Happened.

Awesome Stories. Pass ‘em on.

Viral Doza

2 weeks ago

Girl Gets A Shocking Letter From Her Grandmother. This Is Perfect.

Awesome Stories. Pass ‘em on.


2 weeks ago

32 Pictures That Will Give You Intense Elementary School Flashbacks

Buckle up. 1. Shooting up lead: Via fuknawesom.tumblr.com 2. The most stressful two minutes of your young life: Via pinterest.com 3. The world’s best lunchtime dessert: Via sodahead.com 4. These sweet aromas: Via nostalgasm.tumblr.com 5. Perhaps the world’s least functional erasers: Via gpencil.com 6. Your signature: 7. This myth: Via ifunny.com 8. Trying to push […]

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

Sorry, But Your Cat Is Actually A Total Jerk. It’s Just Science.

Bad news for all you cat lovers: That feline you are obsessed with is a total jerk. Sure, cats are cute, soft, lovable and an endless source of viral GIFs and memes, but in actuality, they kinda suck. Don’t hate us for this blasphemy just yet. We understand your dilemma. Some people just love cats, […]

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