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1 day ago

21 Words That Mean Something Different When You Have A Cat

Weird to think you ever thought empty boxes were for moving. 1. Keyboard img.pandawhale.com What it means to non-cat people: Something you use to type on your computer. What it means to cat people: A heating pad for your best friend to sit on/let you know you need to stop working. 2. Laser Pointers giphy.com What it means to […]


2 days ago

Archeologists In Leicester Have Found A Couple Who’ve Been Holding Hands For 700 Years

“All that will survive of us is love.” These remains of a man and a woman were found at the Chapel of St Morrell, a 14th-century pilgrimage site in Hallaton, by archeologists from the University of Leicester. University of Leicester Archaeological Services The university’s Vicki Score told MailOnline: “We’ve seen similar skeletons before from Leicester where a couple have […]


5 days ago

Tiny Creature Caught On Camera! WATCH THIS, YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT!! [!*NOT A JUMPSCARE*!] – YouTube

Real or Fake!? We don’t know? What do you think? Give us your opinion!

The Smoking Gun

1 week ago

Cops: Shoplifter Used Walmart Motorized Wheelchair Cart As Her Getaway Vehicle

Suspect Shirley Mae Mason, 46, told Michigan police that she took the cart because she “didn’t feel like walking” with six bags of stolen goods.


1 week ago

Why Apple iPhone 6 cannot be compared to Google Nexus 4 – Business Today

What is it with an Apple announcement and a full moon that brings out the crazies in the people? I am sure by now most of you must have seen the Apple iPhone 6 comparison with the Google Nexus 4 on the Internet. But it is more like comparing a Mercedes SLS AMG with a Toyota Camry. […]


1 week ago

The 14 Absolute Creepiest Places To Visit In The United States

For anyone whose interests tend toward the morbid. 1. The Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania John Donges Flickr: mendrakis Creative Commons Casey Bisson Flickr: maisonbisson Creative Commons The Mütter Museum, of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, is home to two floors full of preserved human specimens (on racks, in glass cabinets, in jars) and a number of medical tools […]


2 weeks ago

20 Halloween Costumes That Will Destroy Your Childhood

Because we really don’t need to see a “sexy” Beetlejuice! Also, BRB, weeping in the corner for my childhood. 1. The Force is weak for this creepy Yoda costume: Via yandy.com 2. If you ever had a thing for Cabbage Patch Dolls: Via yandy.com 3. If you’ve got a fetish for a certain mouse, than this costume is for you. […]


2 weeks ago

Dads at One Direction concerts – Imgur

Oh. The pain in the eyes! Dads at One Direction concerts

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