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3 days ago

Did You Know That You Can Load Up A Refrigerator’s Ice Dispenser With Candy

This changes everything, people.


4 days ago

These Are The 20 Places Where Nightmares Are Born.

Ever have one of those nightmares that feels so real, you swore you were actually there? Usually, after experiencing something like that, you’ll wake up and reassure yourself that it was all just a dream. A place like that couldn’t possibly exist in real life, right? Well, you’re in for a (terrifying) treat. Believe it or not, […]


5 days ago

Dutch Bikers Once Again More Manly Than You –

Dutch Outlaw Bikers have motored down to Northern Iraq and Syria to go kill some ISIS jihadists. They’re not being compensated, they just found an amazingly low cost adventure vacation. The Dutch government wanted to show that they’re not their French neighbors so they retroactively decided to look the other way on their law that […]


1 week ago

15 Terrifying things kids said to their babysitters

15 Terrifying things kids said to their babysitters


2 weeks ago

26 People Who Instantly Regretted Being Arrested In Ironic T-Shirts

You have the right to remain ironic. 1. I know the truth hurts, but maybe they reallyweren’t great ideas? Via fb-troublemakers.com 2. To be fair, she did warn everyone: Via coolpicturegallery.net 3. Looks like the police, in his case, made an exception: Via coolpicturegallery.net 4. I think, for the sake of accuracy, this man should […]


2 weeks ago

16 Parents Who Have Mastered The Art Of Trolling

Trololol The older you get, the more you appreciate your parents. At least, I think that’s how it goes. After you’ve moved out and are facing the “real world,” you start to appreciate all the things your parents did for you as a child. Of course, that doesn’t help much if you’re still living at […]

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2 weeks ago

Mom: School Forced 5-Year-Old To Sign ‘Safety Contract’ After Pretending Crayon Was Gun

An Alabama mother claims her five year-old daughter was forced to sign a “safety contract” at school without her mother’s knowledge after the little girl was in trouble for reportedly pretending a crayon was a gun and “shooting” it at another student. The mother, who identified herself as “Rebecca,” said E.R. Dickson school in Mobile […]


2 weeks ago

20 Facts That Should Be Common Knowledge But Aren’t

The more you know. Inspired by this Reddit thread . 1. Goldfish bowls are really bad places to keep goldfish. wifflegif.com They’re too small to allow for adequate filtration and don’t provide enough oxygen. “Goldfish bowls,” writes TheGoldfishTank.com, “are the equivalent to putting your goldfish in the toilet and expecting him to show you his best colors, […]

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