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17 hours ago

15 Terrifying things kids said to their babysitters

15 Terrifying things kids said to their babysitters


3 days ago

22 Brilliant Everyday Ways To Recapture Your Childhood

Thanks to the geniuses on this AskReddit thread . 1. Moo at cows when you pass them in a car. giphy.com / Via reddit.com 2. Use the Force to open automatic doors. cheezburger.com / Via reddit.com 3. Ride your shopping trolley around the supermarket. imgur.com / Via reddit.com But, you know, be careful. 4. Enter all rooms in the style of a SWAT team leader. […]


4 days ago

17 Of The Greatest Responses To An Ex Text Of All Time

“I really miss you.” Get in line. 1. This person who got straight to the POINT. Via dailydawdle.com 2. This person who laughed until they cried. Via Twitter: @TheWattsGuy 3. This person pretending to be an error message. Via imgur.com 5. This person who asks the important questions. Via smartphowned.com 6. This person throwing down a truth bomb. Via Twitter: @BestOfTexts


5 days ago

Someone Combined Red Lobster And Chick-Fil-A To Make The Ultimate Chicken Biscuit

“Every once in awhile a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything.” -Steve Jobs This, friends, is a cheddar chicken biscuit. It is 50% Red Lobster cheddar bay biscuit, 50% Chick-Fil-A fried chicken filet, 100% OMGHOWHASTHISNOTBEENDONEBEFORE. Kunaal Arya


6 days ago

Whoa. It’s Not Every Day You See a Family of 12 Siblings Do This. I Mean, Seriously.

It’s a 12-piece band with a twist … every member is also a part of the family!


1 week ago

There’s An Actual Krusty Krab Restaurant Being Built And It Looks Totally Identical

But it’s a bit of a hike. Harry Potter may have a theme park in Florida but now SpongeBob Squarepants will have a restaurant… in Palestine. Facebook: Salta3Burger.Palestine A replica of the show’s Krusty Krab restaurant, run by the curmudgeonly Mr Krabs, is currently under construction in the Middle East by an enterprising Palestinian company called Salta Burgers. […]


1 week ago

This Dog Apologising To A Baby For Stealing Her Toy Is The Sweetest Thing That Ever Happened

<3 you Charlie. What happened is, Charlie the Beagle stole Laura the baby’s toy. youtube.com And Charlie felt really bad about it. youtube.com (This is guilt in its purest form).


2 weeks ago

This Graphic Shows Just How Many Flights Are Avoiding Ukraine Right Now

In the wake of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, airlines are in a hurry to reroute their planes from Ukraine.

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