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14 hours ago

Watch The Myth Busters Test Whether The Trunk-Mounted Machine Gun From The ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Is Actually Possible

in order for the Myth Busters to test out whether or not the trunk-mounted machine gun from the Breaking Bad finale is actually possible they mounted an M60 machine gun to the swiveling portion of an office chair and then attached it to the inside of a trunk.

The Huffington Post

16 hours ago

6 Surprising Foods Vegetarians Cannot Eat 

Even the most seasoned non-meat eater can still be surprised by common foods that have ingredients made from animals. Here are six foods that vegetarians can’t eat. Starburst Taco Bell reduced-fat sour cream White sugar Beer Apple pie Activia Light

Yahoo Finance

20 hours ago

Ashley Madison was a bunch of dudes talking to each other, data analysis suggests

The Ashley Madison hack has revealed a lot of interesting things about the men who used the extramarital-dating site, including which cities, states, and universities they’re from. But what about the women? It turns out, there may not have been very many women. As in, almost none. Gizmodo editor-in-chief Annalee Newitz analyzed the data from […]


2 days ago

Amazon Offers Seattle First One-Hour Booze Delivery in U.S.

Amazon.com Inc. is offering one-hour delivery of wine, beer and spirits in a U.S. city for the first time through its Prime Now program, adding a new twist to on-demand delivery starting in the Seattle area.


2 days ago

Look How Excited This Stolen Pug Is To Be Reunited With Her Owner

“As soon as I saw her, her little tail went into overdrive and I instantly knew it was her.” Lola the pug was discovered after Essex police searched an address in Fern Hill Lane, in Harlow, last week.The dog was later reunited with her owner, Kate Witham, at Harlow police station.”I had been so worried […]


4 days ago

This Adorable Cafe Is Now Open For Business But Only Your Stuffed Toys Are Welcome

Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff. Yawarakan’s Cafe, a cafe designed to host your stuffed toys, has just opened for business in Tokyo and already they’re booked out until September. Caters News Anything that’s not stuffed with fluff (ie. human beings) is not allowed. The cafe asks that you make a reservation for your […]


7 days ago

Watch This Girl Pop A Pimple That Had Been Growing For Six Years



1 week ago

Presidential Candidate Named “Deez Nuts” Polls at 9% Of Vote In North Carolina

An independent presidential candidate named Deez Nuts is polling at near double-digits in some primary states. A new Public Policy Polling survey shows Deez Nuts at 9 percent in North Carolina, 8 percent in Minnesota and 7 percent in Iowa. Poll numbers are improving for presidential candidate “Deez Nuts”

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