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3 days ago

80% Of Kids Under 10 Got This Logic Puzzle Right Instantly But Most Adults Have No Freakin’ Clue – Can You Solve It?

National Geographic featured the following puzzle as part of their “Brain Games TV” series and found that 80% of children under the age of 10 were able to come up with the right answer instantly, whereas most adults stared at it, stared at it some more, then either made up some pseudo-intellectual bs to try […]


5 days ago

The First Look At ‘Archer’ Season 7 Just Dropped And It Looks Amazing

The first look at ‘Archer’ Season 7 from FX Networks just dropped and dare I say that this looks like the best season of Archer yet?


6 days ago

The WWE Was Apparently Mad At The Rock For Going Off Script On ‘Raw’ But IT DOESN’T MATTER What They Think

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, some WWE staffers were reportedly “freaking out” backstage when The Rock decided to interrupt his promo to talk to fans in the front row dressed as WWE Hall of Famers.Here’s the aforementioned “off script” moment:


1 week ago

There’s A Snapchat Filter That Makes Dogs Look Like Dug From “Up”

SQUIRREL. Dug from Up is pretty much the best dog a movie has ever given us. There’s a new Snapchat filter that makes dogs look exactly like Dug. Maddie Barklimore And it is so, so good. Twitter: @drewhendee Disney / Pixar


1 week ago

We Paired Girl Scout Cookies and Wine and the Results Are Amazing

Save the milk for breakfast and pair this year’s Girl Scout cookies with your favorite wines for a grown up tasting night. Thin Mints® are my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookie. These round, mint-flavored cookies with a chocolate coating scream for a good Brunello and since the 2010’s are awesome and just hitting the shelves, […]


1 week ago

Bacon shot glasses dipped in chocolate and filled with whisky

We’ve all been there before, standing at the bar, shot glass in hand, ready to throw the spirit down our gullet, when we’ve thought to ourselves “man this would really be so much better if the shot glass I’m holding was made out of bacon and dipped in chocolate.”


2 weeks ago

Bro Pretends To Be DOT Employee, Pranks Anchors By Talking About How Dealers And Hookers Can’t Use Roads In Storm

A Bro took advantage of some newscasters during the snow


2 weeks ago

The ‘Drone Racing League’ Officially Launched Today And Dis Shizz Right Here Looks Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

The Drone Racing League officially announced itself to the world today with this amazing video showing what the DRL will look like.

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