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4 days ago

Taco Bell Is Now Selling Cap’n Crunch Donuts And They Look Insane

OMFG. Behold their newest creation: Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes: Peter Pham / foodbeast.com The deep fried bites are filled with creamy milk icing: Peter Pham / foodbeast.com And coated with Cap’n Crunch cereal: Peter Pham / foodbeast.com


5 days ago

Someone Was Stealing Lunch At Work From This Guy’s Wife, So He Got Revenge In The Hottest Way Possible

If you’re going to steal food from a coworker you better expect the worst revenge imaginable, and that’s precisely what happened to this poor sap. One of the cardinal rules of life is ‘you do NOT steal from a coworker,’ especially when it comes to food. If you’ve ever stolen food from a coworker, you’re […]


6 days ago

Girl Scout Cookie Oven – Thin Mints, Trefoils

Do you love Girl Scout Cookies but can never seem to find any actual Girl Scouts?! Then, have we got a product for you. Wicked Cool Toys just announced that their new Girl Scouts Cookie Oven will arrive in stores this year. Yes, it is technically a children’s toy –  but, we’re guessing it’ll be the not-so-secret Christmas wish for many […]


1 week ago

21 Ridiculously Warm Products Everyone Who Works In A Freezing Office Needs

For your ice cubicle. You walk into the office every morning like: giphy.com It’s cold. Four seasons of the year. 1. ToastyMUG, ~$50. sabrinafossi.com Clear eyes, warm hands, can’t lose. 2. Poler Nap Sack Wearable Sleeping Bag, $110.46. backcountry.com backcountry.com With a drawstring bottom so you can walk around in style. 3. USB Heated Fingerless […]


2 weeks ago

Fla. legislator wants to repeal cohabitation law

A South Florida legislator wants to make it officially legal for unmarried men and women to live together. It is a second-degree misdemeanor for men and women to cohabitate if they are not married.


2 weeks ago

This Is What Happens When Disney’s “Cinderella” Meets “Fifty Shades Of Grey”

Cinderelly trades her pumpkin carriage for the ~red room of pain~.


2 weeks ago

In Bacon We Crust: Little Caesars rolls out bacon-wrapped pizza

Pegging off of its catchy “In Bacon We Crust” phrase, Little Caesars is rolling out a deep dish pizza that’s wrapped entirely in bacon.People can start pigging out Feb. 23, according to a release.


2 weeks ago

Make Your Own Caption For This Creepy Joe Biden Pic

It’s time for Veep to retire his signature move.

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