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4 months ago

Hero Cat That Fought a Dog to Protect Child Will Toss Out a First Pitch

The Internet managed time away from super important Jay-Z updates to concentrate on a truly harrowing video of a cat saving a little boy from an aggressive dog. It would seem that cat’s heroics won it the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game. If you guessed this story comes from the […]


4 months ago

21 Things Only People Who Went To Summer Camp Will Understand

You always wanted s’more. 1. That you still have an intense craving for camp food and you can’t explain why. Marvel Studios / Via giphy.com NOTHING ELSE COMPARES. 2. That you still know all the choreography to every dance 10 years later. Via youtube.com Peel banana…peel peel banana. 3. That you are forever haunted by the repetitive campfire songs. Via bopandtigerbeat.com […]


4 months ago

Everyone Needs To Know The 22 Official Rules For Calling “Shotgun”

Calling “Shotgun” is the act of claiming the front passenger seat of a car for yourself. Since this is the most coveted spot, this list of rules has been created to ensure that Shotgun can be acquired in a fair and equitable manner by any passenger of the automobile (except the driver, of course). SECTION […]


4 months ago

Florida man tries to have sex with beer can, ends up in hospital.

A man from Florida has been taken to hospital with severe cuts to his genitalia.


4 months ago

21 Problems All Sarcastic People Will Understand

Yeah, good one . 1. Your sense of humor could be described as an “acquired taste.” NBC / Via gifhell.com 2. Sarcasm slips out of your mouth so often that you often forget you’re doing it. FOX / Via dont-worry-hayley-is-here.tumblr.com 3. You have to tell people when you’re being serious, because they’re so used to you making jokes. Chuck Lorre […]


4 months ago


Remember when the Game of Thrones intro was reimagined with Skyrim? Yeah, it was a fantasy nerd’s dream come true and I honestly didn’t think anything could out-nerd that. That is, until now. Feast your eyes (and ears) on a chiptune version of the Game of Thrones intro set to Super Mario World, thanks to YouTube member NicksplosionFX.


4 months ago

Student graduates in hospital by side of dying mother

A special and heartwarming graduation ceremony in Maryland. Megan Sugg, a senior in Glen Burnie, is scheduled to graduate next month. Her mother is terminally ill and might not live to see it. So last week, school officials arranged a graduation ceremony in mom’s hospital room. Sugg, dressed in a cap and gown was given […]


4 months ago

Bunny Eating Raspberries (Video)

This raspberry-eating bunny looks like it’s wearing red lipstick and will definitely make your day!  

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