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10 months ago

Pitbull And Jimmy Fallon Play ‘Giant Duff Beer Pong’ at Universal Orlando

Pitbull may have performed live at the World Cup, but now he’s all about the Red Solo Cup. For “The Tonight Show’s” last day at Universal Orlando, Jimmy Fallon challenged Mr. Worldwide to a game of “Giant Duff Beer Pong”


10 months ago

27 Moments That Will Change How You See Humanity

#7 will restore your faith in future generations. 1. This person who forgot their laundry in the dryer overnight…in an NYC apartment building then finding it like this: via reddit /u/wonny1time 2. This person who handed redditor Djdude128 this randomly then walking away: via reddit /u/Djdude128 3. This heartfelt note from Nate’s dad: “Nate, I overheard your […]


10 months ago

32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now

At least on eBay. Better start digging through mom’s basement. 1. Tamagotchi: pop2k.wordpress.com ebay.com 2. Your best Pokemon card: ebay.com 3. A Jurassic Park toy: adamvonwillis.com ebay.com 4. Polly Pocket: powerhousemuseum.com ebay.com 5. Gameboy Color: goldenshop.com.hk ebay.com 6. These skates: littlesez.blogspot.com 7. This castle: thisoldtoy.com ebay.com 8. Hit-Clips: rebloggy.com ebay.com 9. A Furby: persephone-dragonfly.com ebay.com 10. Super Soaker: m.kiplinger.com ebay.com 11. Easy Bake Oven: budget101.com ebay.com


10 months ago

Because Hearing “Shake That Healthy Butt” From Brian Williams’ Mouth Will Never Get Old

Even white boys got to shout, indeed … but especially if you’re NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams, and you’re the brunt of Jimmy Fallon’s incessant video editing, and this one is likely the best yet. Be sure to watch for the cameo of Kathy Lee,…

Pansy Panda

10 months ago

28 People Doing Amazing Things for Animals… I Just Lost It when I saw #17

This might be one of the most amazing things I ever seen. This restores my faith in humanity. In the news, we often hear about people abusing animals and overlook the kindness of the kindness some people do for animals. Here we compiled 28 people that went above and beyond to help an animal. 1. […]


10 months ago


Having your flight delayed sucks. There are only so many magazines you can read while waiting for your flight, and God knows that you’re not going to really sleep on those uncomfortable chairs at the gate. So what do you do when you have hours in the airport but not enough time to head back […]


10 months ago

25 Men Who Have Lost The Battle Against Shopping

‘Miserable Men’ Who Are Forced To Go Shopping With Their Ladies!!! from the Instagram feed miserable_men #22 is just heartbreaking!    


10 months ago

21 Mistakes You Made In The 2000s That You Don’t Regret

From puka shell necklaces to Jonas Brothers posters, we all made mistakes in the 2000s. 1. Committing to this everlasting friendship… ruinedchildhood.com / Via Myspace 2. …and destroying friendships over these eight coveted spots: myspace / Via myspacenostalgia.tumblr.com 3. The countless hours you spent watching the Numa Numa kid. pandawhale.com / youtube.com pandawhale.com / youtube.com 5. Memorizing the entirety of Napoleon Dynamite. MTV Studios / Via foxsearchlightpictures.tumblr.com […]

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