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7 months ago

Adorable Dad Learns He’s Going to Be a Grandpa

…….”Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night. I think he is happy. :)”


7 months ago

Chris Brown: Rehab In Jail – Singer Shouldn’t Waste His Time Behind Bars

Chris Brown – you may be stuck in jail against your will, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t turn your time locked up, into a positive experience. As awful as it is, it’s giving you an opportunity to rethink your life and your outlook.Chris Brown, you may be miserable in jail -


7 months ago

A bottle of wine a day is not bad for you and abstaining is worse than drinking, scientist claims

The recommended daily allowance for alcohol consumption in Britain may well be around the size of a medium to large glass of wine depending on your gender, but a leading scientist in the field has claimed drinking just over a bottle a day would do no harm to your health.


7 months ago

Is That You, Katy Perry?! See All of the Singer’s Disguises in Her New Birthday Music Video!

Katy Perry is unrecognizable in her new Birthday music video, thanks to the help of some very s…


7 months ago

Turn Your iPhone Into A Game Boy With The GPad

The GPad slips onto your iPhone and turns it into an old school gaming machine.


7 months ago

Action Movie Kid Goes To School

Action Movie Kid isn’t like any other child. Every mundane part of his life is packed with excitement! When he goes to school, he doesn’t just walk onto the school bus. No. Instead, he skydives out of the front door!”You forgot your lunch!”


7 months ago

19 Parents Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed On Social Media

Just stop already. 1. Parents who create Facebook profiles for their babies and interact with them. Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com 4. Parents who only seem to post things to freak out other parents. Facebook / Via gawker.com 99% of the time these things (like this one) are hoaxes. But thanks for giving everyone nightmares! 5. Over sharers. Facebook / Via stfuparentsblog.com Not […]


7 months ago

19 Vintage Easter Bunny Photos That Will Make Your Skin Crawl

And you thought the rabbit from Donnie Darko was creepy. 1. By the look on his face, this bunny is ready to eat this little boy. Via mightylists.blogspot.com 2. That baby’s face says it all! Via theresashauntedhistoryofthetri-state.blogspot.com 3. And this little girl’s body language says it all. Via imgur.com Also, who the hell designed that bunny’s sinister face?! 4. This photo was […]

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