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12 months ago

Nobody Expected A Flight Attendant Could Do THIS. And It Was Caught On Video!

I’ve been on a lot of flights but I’ve NEVER seen anything like this!


12 months ago

10 Creepy Abandoned Places

10 Creepy Abandoned Places MIKE FLOORWALKER Something about abandoned, neglected places gets the old fear meter up into the red for most people. Extra fear points can be had for places that have been sitting deserted for an extremely long time, or used to be places of merriment where some terrible thing happened, or used […]


12 months ago

Watch The Sea Lion’s Reaction When The Little Girl Falls – Video

A little girl plays tag with a sea lion at an aquarium. When the little girl falls, the sea lion is clearly very concerned.


12 months ago

This Senior Got More Than Her Diploma at Graduation. And the Timing? So Perfect.

This senior cried on the way to graduation because her dad, a deployed member of the U.S. Air Force, wouldn’t be there. Right as she walks up to receive her diploma–she gets the surprise of her life.


12 months ago

Cuteness Break: You Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Jenga Cat!

Anyone who has been locked into an intense game of Jenga knows the feeling of Jenga RAGE. Watch as Moe the cat realizes he can’t pull any more blocks.


1 year ago

Bill Murray crashes bachelor party, because of course, and offers wise advice

Event-crasher extraordinaire Bill Murray descended upon lowly mortals once again over Memorial Day weekend, this time at a bachelor party in Charleston, S.C. And he had some words of wisdom – not for the groom, but for the rest of the group.


1 year ago

Stealing Peoples Gas Prank!! – YouTube

Watch what happens when you try and steal gas in the hood.


1 year ago

12 More Roommate Horror Stories That Will Give You Nightmares

I will live alone forever. Universal Pictures / Via blog.livelovely.com 1. Mekenzie Jackson: “I had a roommate who sold my dog. I came home one night, and my dog was gone! She didn’t tell me where he went. Apparently she told my mom he bit her and my mom came over to get the dog. My roommate […]

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