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9 months ago

Insane GoPro Video Of The Olympic Downhill Skiing Course That Bode Miller Says ‘Could Kill You’

Here is a look at the course that Body Miller said ‘could kill you’.


9 months ago

Fox Cancels The X Factor: Simon Cowell Is Returning to The X Factor UK – Us Weekly

Fox announced Friday, Feb. 7 that the network is pulling the plug on The X Factor after three seasons — find out what Simon Cowell is up to next!


9 months ago

‘The Walking Dead’ returns: What to expect next

Danai Gurira had the most memorable entrance of any character on “The Walking Dead” so far.


9 months ago

Hilarious And Horendous Conditions Of Sochi Hotels

Ridiculous conditions of Sochi Olympics hotels. These pictures were taken in the last few days, just days away from the opening ceremony Feb. 7th. These Olympics look very promising. I just hope Putin doesn’t send some ex-KGB friends after me for showing these.


9 months ago

Here’s my Facebook movie

here’s my facebook movie, enjoy – Joe


9 months ago

How to make a Chicken McNugget! McDonald’s reveals secret of top-selling snack – and says they are made of just breast meat and skin after claims the nuggets contain ‘pink slime’

Video footage of the way McDonald’s chicken nuggets are made has been taken at the factory in Ontario, Canada to prove they are made of breast meat, not pink slime


9 months ago

21 Valentine’s Day Gifts Every Twentysomething Really Wants

Will make out for mac ‘n’ cheese.


9 months ago

The 50 most PERFECTLY timed photos on the Internet.

These perfectly timed photos have three things in common, they were captured in the perfect place, at the perfect time and with the perfect angle. The photos in this collection are the best perfectly timed images on the Internet today!  

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