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3 months ago

The Best Divorce Letter Ever. This Guy Nails It.

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3 months ago

wheel of stupid – YouTube

Did you really just guess “L” again?

The Huffington Post

3 months ago

Guy Dresses Up As A CVS Receipt, Wins Halloween

Is your CVS receipt as tall as you are? Reddit user Lord_Nugget’s practically was, and it inspired a brilliant Halloween costume. “Dear CVS, thank you for giving me a 3 foot long receipt when I bought some TicTacs,” he wrote. “It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume.”

NY Daily News

3 months ago

Cape Coral man arrested with ‘Go Directly to Jail’ Monopoly shirt on

A mug shot released by the Lee County Sheriff’s Department shows suspect Micah Dailey wearing a green T-shirt with the Monopoly board game logo for “Go Directly to Jail.”


3 months ago

17 People Who Instantly Regretted Getting Arrested On Halloween

Trick-or-cheese 1. This hairy neanderthal. Alabama police handout / Via nydailynews.com Probably arrested for breaking and entering a neighbor’s cave. 2. This fabulous Benjamin Franklin. teamjimmyjoe.com Probably arrested for counterfeiting money. 3. This utterly convincing cow. teamjimmyjoe.com Probably arrested for public indecency. 4. This zombie doc. PASCO COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE / Via abcactionnews.com Probably arrest […]


3 months ago

First Alert Weather – 7 Day Forecast

I’m gonna freeze.


3 months ago

10 Supposedly Haunted Objects Never, Ever to Bring Into Your Home (Especially Around Halloween)

Let’s talk about haunted things. And I don’t just mean houses or graveyards; ghosts definitely aren’t limited to wandering around specific locations. There are all sorts of things that are haunted: Places… people… and, of course, objects. I have never made it a point to bring haunted objects into my home; some people do, though, […]


3 months ago

The 26 Cringiest Things That Have Ever Happened

Your standard fist bump/high five misunderstanding has nothing on this. 1. When someone should have paused and read the card. reddit.com 2. This terrible third-wheel experience. reddit.com 3. This awful office-chair lean. reddit.com 4. This poster that really tried to promote equality. reddit.com 5. Someone asking this person if they’re pregnant. reddit.com If in doubt, […]

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