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3 hours ago

Kim Kardashian — Keep Rita Ora Away From Me!

Kim Kardashian gave Rita Ora the cold shoulder at the VMAs last Sunday — refusing to sit near her — and sources close to the family say it’s because Kim…


4 days ago

Sean Kingston — Sued for Not Paying His Jewelry Bill … And Some of It Was Fake!

Sean Kingston is being sued by a NYC jeweler for not paying for several pieces of really, really nice jewelry — and two pieces of cubic zirconia … TMZ…


6 days ago

22 Things That Happen When You’re A Girl With Mostly Guy Friends

Just one of the guys…


1 week ago

Nicki Minaj — BS No Time to Zip … Wardrobe Malfunction STAGED

Nicki Minaj CLAIMS her dress was unzipped during her performance at the VMAs because she didn’t have enough time to get ready … but that’s BS — she…

The Huffington Post

2 weeks ago

9 People Who Might Cheat On You, According To Science

By Michelle Toglia for YourTango.com Let’s face it, no one wants to date a cheater. But oftentimes we don’t see the signs that our boyfriend or girlfriend is a shady little liar. Forget him answering his phone in the closet or her being less affec…


2 weeks ago

Watch John McCain Do The Robot With B1039′s MDot!

And check out B1039′s own MDot on the far right at the end!


3 weeks ago

Which of The Seven Deadly Sins Controls Your Life?

Everyone’s guilty of something…


3 weeks ago

How Will You Meet Your Soulmate

Take this very scientific quiz to find out!

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