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3 months ago

North West Travels Without Kim Kardashian … Rolls First Class With Entourage

Kim Kardashian’s 1-year-old baby is a full-on baller, flying 1st class from NYC to L.A. with nannies, an assistant, Kanye’s aunt, a nurse and a security…


3 months ago

Hot Mugshot Guy — Dreamy McMugshot (Jeremy Meeks) Sends Hearts a-Twitter

He may be the hottest criminal since Armie Hammer … people are going nuts for accused weapons offender Jeremy Meeks.Those eyes are hijacking…


3 months ago

50 Things Every Woman Should Realize About Men

This one’s for the ladies. Fellas, you can hang around if you want to, but you gotta stand over there in the corner and be real quiet.


4 months ago

What Do Athletes Eat Before They Compete

What LeBron’s really full of.


4 months ago

Some Important Facts About Kissing


4 months ago

10 Reasons Why Being Single In Your 30s Is Awesome

If you start to doubt your decision to keep your 30s all to yourself, just read the reasons below and know that you’re not alone.


4 months ago

Kanye West Omitted Jay Z’s Name From His Lyrics, So Everyone Thinks Their Feud Is Strong

Okay, Internet, you want a Kanye West/Jay Z feud? Fine. You win, at least according to the latest speculation. Rumblings of tension between the Carter and West/Kardashian clans have been bubbling for a while now, cemented by Jay Z and Beyonce’s a…


4 months ago

Jay Z Accused Of Cheating On Beyoncé With Former Bravo Reality TV Starlet;

Get the deets on the girl Jay Z is allegedly cheating on Bey is!

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