6 Ways To Make The First Day of School Special

The first day of school is always a big moment each year, and every kid from pre-school to high school deserves a special one.  To help make the day a memory your child will never forget, here are six ways to make the first day of school special.

6 Classic Shoes That Never Go Out Of Style

One of the biggest parts of back to school shopping is picking up a killer pair of new shoes.  Shoe trends come and go, but if your child is looking for something classic, here are six classic shoes that never go out of style.

Healthy On-The-Go Lunch Ideas For Your Kid's Lunchbox

When you've got kids and you're also working, it's tough to pull together healthy meals all the time. But luckily, the idea of meal-prepping has gotten popular. No matter what meal, it's going to be the most helpful to tackle the lunches all on a weekend, so you can just grab them and go when…