The Art of Divorce

  RUSSELL CROWE and his wife Danielle Spencer are finally, officially getting divorced after a FIVE-YEAR separation. But they're doing it with a sense of humor.

Daylight Saving Time Information

  It's Time For A Battery Change: Fire officials are asking people to change the batteries in their smoke alarms at the same time they move their clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Saving Time. Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens tells WDEF: ''The annual change to daylight saving time is the perfect opportunity to…

Here Are Your Cereal Favorites For National Cereal Day

Today is National Cereal Day  Cereal is happiness held together by milk!! #NationalCerealDay #CerealDay #Kellogs — National Days (@NationalDays) March 7, 2018 It’s #CerealDay and my bowl will be filled with good old cornflakes this morning, how about you? #Breakfasts — Savour Salcombe (@SavourSalcombe) March 7, 2018 It was on this date in…