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5 months ago

Orlando Bloom says: ‘I’m everyone’s hero for bashing Bieber’

Orlando Bloom says fans are praising him for bashing pop brat Justin Bieber in an Ibiza restaurant.

Yahoo Celebrity

5 months ago

Kim Kardashian Stands up for Brother Rob Kardashian, Slams Adrienne Bailon

Kim Kardashian blasts Adrienne Bailon for dissing brother Rob Kardashian, says it’s “so sad” to try to kick him “when he is down”

The Huffington Post

5 months ago

Lana Del Rey Tells Complex She Has ‘Slept With A Lot Of Guys In The Industry’

Lana Del Rey sat down with Complex magazine to talk about her new album, “Ultraviolence,” artistic inspiration, guilty pleasures and criticism. Also in the magazine’s August/September issue, Del Rey talks relationships and men. When addr…

Mail Online

5 months ago

Katy Perry is nearly unrecognizable on day off in Toronto

Katy is the most followed person on Twitter, with 54.5 million views as of July 2014.


5 months ago

16 Unexpected Quotes That Make Miley Cyrus The Voice Of Our Generation

Nobody’s perfect! You live and you learn it!   Whether you were in love with this girl. Studios Wishbone / Via fanpop.com Or are currently in love with this girl. youtube.com / Via mashable.com You have to admit that Miley Cyrus speaks wise words. Pick up a thing or two from her. MTV / Via lord-miley-cyrus.tumblr.com 1. On being judged […]


5 months ago

18 Secrets People In A Long-Term Relationship Won’t Tell You

Share a Netflix password, share a life. 1. Doing laundry for two is the absolute worst. CBS / Via lindyhopproblems.tumblr.com 2. We have fallen out over the last slice of pizza. giphy.com 3. We don’t spend all night snuggled up spooning. tumblr.forgifs.com Because *one* of us prefers to sleep like a starfish, while the other takes all the duvet. […]


5 months ago

Oblivious Woman Walks Right Into Pool – Video

This lady isn’t watching what she is doing, and walks right into a pool at a mall.

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