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Vengeful Vegan Gets Into Hit-and-Run With Chicken Truck

This strange story has us saying, “What the cluck?”

Atlanta’s Channel 11 Alive reported that a Georgia woman was recently involved in a hit-and-run with a truck hauling chickens while on Hwy. 72 in Hull, Ga.

The truck driver initially called police after the woman slammed into the side of his truck, twice, before speeding off. Luckily, debris was left in the wake, including the driver’s license plate which eventually led police to the her home .

The driver, later identified as Judith Moriah Armstrong, 26, admitted to fleeing the scene of the accident. She later revealed to police, through multiple windows of her home and behind a locked front door, that she hit the truck because it was a filled with chickens and she was a vegan.

She proceeded to tell the authorities that she had “taken a couple shots” when she arrived home and later blew a .089 which is above the legal limit.

Armstrong now faces several charges including hit-and-run, obstruction, aggressive driving, and driving under the influence.

Unfortunately, authorities did not book Armstrong for charges of being an aggressive vegan.


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