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5 Travel Tips To Have the Best Spring Break Ever

Spring is near and for most students that means one thing… Spring Break!

Students all over are planning trips in hopes to head somewhere warm for a week. If you haven’t tackled spring break before, check out some tips to help you maximize your experience. And if you're not a student? These tips still work!


Take Advantage of Travel Apps: Finding an app for anything in life pretty much goes without saying these days. When you’re planning your trip try using apps like Skip Lagged or 777 Airlines to get cheap airfare. Yelp is great for finding local restaurants and check out Happy Hour Finder for local drink specials. Last but not lease, Eventbrite is perfect for finding themed parties if that’s something your crew is into.


Get a Group: Everything seems to be better with friends, and in this case it can be better and cheaper. Group rates come in handy when you’re traveling, some hotels or cruise ships offer deals when you book things together; i.e. book 4 rooms and get the 5th room free.


Budget: Probably the most important thing to remember when planning your spring break is to decide on a budget and stick to it. Your college years are not exactly the most luxurious years, so figure out a price point that’s reasonable for you and your friends. If some friends can afford more than others try to find a destination that exist somewhere in the middle.


Pack Smart: Bring your essentials, i.e. your ID and your bathing suit, and daily duds. Otherwise, don't overpack. Be sure to buy things like sunscreen and beach towels before you go out of town; you will spend more money buying these things once you get to your location, and they may be more expensive where you're located.


Buy Alcohol in Bulk, Buy Non-Perishable Snacks: Drinks are usually where most of your money goes if you like to drink, but to reduce that cost, buy your own. Find the local liquor and grocery store and buy everything you need to mix your own drinks right in your hotel room and buzz up before you head out (No drinking and driving!). Non-Perishable snacks are great for both your trip to your location, during said trip, and heading home.



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