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The Patriarch Of Rockefellar, David Rockefellar, Has Died At 101

Buisnessman and former Chase Manhattan Cheif Executive David Rockefeller has died at 101 years of age. 

According to one of CNBC's reporters via press release, he died from congestive heart failure.

Steve Kopack on Twitter

Rockefeller foundation statement says David Rockefeller's cause of death at age 101 is congestive heart failure.


He was the last surviving grandchild of Oil man John D. Rockefeller, according to The Washington Post, and the philanthropist had donated millions of dollars to the Museum of Modern Art, and served as a chairman at Harvard. The families power was so vast, it's even rumored that when he heard that the World Trade Center was to be built blocking his view of the Statue of Liberty from his top floor,  he called the Govenor and asked "Can't you just move it over a few feet?"

Whew. Rest in peace, sir.


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