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Dunkin' Donuts Bids Adieu to Their Coffee Coolatta

Enjoy Dunkin' Donuts’ Coffee Coolatta?

Well, you better rush to the store soon because the well-known coffeehouse chain will be saying “goodbye” to the frozen drink for now. Needless to say, fans of the beverage were not happy about the announcement!


Kevin McGowan Jr on Twitter

That's me when I heard @DunkinDonuts is discontinuing coffee coolattas


Their Coffee Coolatta drink has been a staple of their menu since 1994. Dunkin’ Donuts release information as to what customers can expect listed on their drink menu. The Coolatta will be replaced by the Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee. The new drink will be made with blenders and will have coffee extract mixed with ice and dairy.


The coffeeshop, known for their awesome flavors, will most likely extend their extensive list to the new drink. From caramel to ice cream favorites, customers should expect to be able to customize their drinks.


Dunkin' Donuts on Twitter

@lindsey_warn3r (1/2) We're adding Frozen Coffee 2 our menu, offering guests a more energizing coffee experience compared 2 the Coolatta...

Dunkin' Donuts on Twitter

@lindsey_warn3r (2/2) ... The Coffee Coolatta will be retired once Frozen Dunkin' Coffee joins our existing frozen beverages by summer 2017.


During a media showcase for the brand, Business Insider quotes Chris Fuqua, Dunkin’s senior vice president of brand marketing stated that their “Coffee Coolatta isn’t good enough.” At the company Canton headquarters the company’s heads stated that they are hoping to give a mass appeal to ever customer with their upcoming change.


ShipMasterFlex on Twitter

The coffee coolatta is the greatest invention of the 90's. Crazy. I'm legit crying ?? #SaveTheCoffeeCoolatta


Despite the change of menu, the company will still continue with their fruity version of the Coolatta. Apparently, they have a rather “loyal following.”


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@DunkinDonuts will say goodbye to its frozen coffee Coolatta....." #RIP


According to Business Insider, Dunkin’ Donut’s decision to change the menu is mainly due to the recent fascination for designer cups of coffee. Last summer, they released a nitro cold brew in five locations as well as a regular cold brew coffee.


The company is continuing to change with popular trends. Regardless of what eve new products they unveil, we are sure they are going to be delicious!


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