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Latest Food Trend: Yogurt Art

Trying to spice up your morning breakfast? Yogurt art is now becoming a popular form of design. By using plain yogurt, people will create images using a variety of sauces as well as fruit. Each piece is unique, colorful and will only last as long as your stomach will allow!

As we are sure you can imagine, the art is very popular on social media. From simple designs like hearts to more complex pieces like a scene from Disney’s Frozen, it is interesting to see what people develop out of something so plain.


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The Star reports that Machiko Tateno, a cooking teacher who teaches the designs in her class says “You don’t need to use a stove and you can give it a try with ordinary ingredients. Everybody can enjoy it!”

Due to the complex nature of the yogurt art, some folks find the intricate nature extremely relaxing. For starters, Tateno recommends you to first try making simple designs like roses made from “slice strawberries…kiwis for the leaves and pumpkin seeds for the stems.”


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インコイラストのお皿をヨーグルト、ジャム等で色をつけて ヨーグルトゼリーなどのせたヨーグルトアートプレートにしてみました blog→ #インコ #ヨーグルトアート #foodart


Tateno also recommends to start off with basic faces. The more simple the design, the easier it will get for you to get used to working with yogurt as your canvas. By “arranging wafers, marshmallows and rings cereal” you would manage to get a face effect with very basic ingredients.


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What a lovely snack. #yogurt #yogurtart


By making each bowl of yogurt approximately three centimeters deep, the fruits can hold strong on the surface. If you are looking to make sure your piece is Instagram-worthy, try smoothing out the top with a spoon. A flatter surface will ensure that your design looks better in the end.


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ヨーグルトアートに挑戦 #ヨーグルトアート


Tateno also recommends using “ingredients that easily mix with yogurt - sauce and jam…”

Don’t feel like fruit is the only food you can use on top of yogurt. Add some vegetables in the mix and you will be able to get your daily dose of nutrients. Parents, we definitely recommend trying this art with your kids. You may just get them to try a new piece of food that they have been hesitant to try before!


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