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This 'Jumanji' Reboot Change Is Even More Frustrating Than The Reboot Itself

So, many of you may agree that a reboot of Jumanji was already going to hurt enough given that there's no Robin Williams to be a part of it. 

And while some things should be left alone, Hollywood decided to make a reboot that included Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Kevin Hart. Sure, they are great actors, but it's still something that seems like a bad plan.

Well - get this!

Jumanji will not be set inside it's iconic board game story. SAY WHAT?  No board game?! No eerie drums?! What are you guys thinking?!

According to The Wrap, Jumanji will be in a 90's video game. Hmm... Okay...

Furthermore, according to The Huffington Post, "four wildly different teenagers stumble across the game console while serving detention at school, becoming avatars totally different from themselves: the “meek” Spencer becomes “a stupid and girl-crazy jock” avatar played by Dwayne Johnson, “football jock” Fridge becomes “a tiny Einstein” played by Kevin Hart, popular girl Bethany becomes “a bookworm professor” played by Jack Black and “un-athletic” Martha becomes “an Amazonian warrior” played by Karen Gillan, according to the studio."

So basically, Breakfast Club meets Honey I Shrunk The Kids, meets Jumanji?

Whether you're for or against the reboot, be prepared for it to hit theaters December 22.


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