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Pet Fur Watches Are All the Rage!

Love your four-legged friend? Why not harvest their fur and make it into a watch! This may sound weird, but is exactly what the Analog Watch Company is doing.

On their website, the Analog Watch Company announced that they want to help pet owners to immortalize their pets through time. If you send two to four ounces of their fur in an airtight bag, they will do all of the hard work.

Wonder how they transform the stuff you vacuum up every week into a watch? They mix the fur into felted wool and heat together with the watch’s body. By using a protective coating, your new fur watch will also be soft and water resistant.


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Harvest your pet's fur and wear it as a watch band


Each watch costs $199 and take approximately two to three weeks to complete. People are encouraged to pick their own hardware on the website. Right now, the only available watch design they offer is a black dial.

The strap of the piece is made from genuine leather, so you will not have to worry about the piece breaking. As for the rest of the fabric, well, that is all made up from you favorite animal. Each piece can be finished in both gold or silver and is made with a stainless steel shell. There is also a two year warranty on the piece, so if something were to happen to the watch you would be covered for quite a while!

This random hilarious idea may sound like the perfect present to any pet lover, but we are still a little suspicious about the product. When the watch was released, the website stated that they would not begin preorders until April 1st. Does this mean that this whole idea is just an elaborate part of an amazing April Fools Day joke? We are not too sure, but are secretly hoping that these watches are going to be real. We would love to see some crazy cat ladies rocking these watch faces out at the bars.


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